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  • [PervTherapy] Laney Grey (Bikini Treatment)

    [PervTherapy] Laney Grey (Bikini Treatment)

    Laney Grey is a teen girl with a serious issue of body dysmorphia, and she is about to go on a family trip to Florida. She doesn’t like the way she looks, and she is insecure about her body, so she goes to see Dorian, her therapist, for some guidance. To overcome her disorder, Dorian […] More

  • [PervTherapy] Sahara Skye, Julia Robbie (The Secret Diary)

    [PervTherapy] Sahara Skye, Julia Robbie (The Secret Diary)

    Jack’s wife sent him for an urgent therapy session on Father’s Day accompanied by his stepdaughter Sahara Skye. She found the girl’s diary and read a very horny passage about Jack, so she wants Doctor Julia Robbie to do something about it. Little does she know that Doctor Robbie’s approach is very unorthodox, and the […] More

  • [PervTherapy] Hazel Moore, Charlie Forde (Overcoming Jealousy)

    [PervTherapy] Hazel Moore, Charlie Forde (Overcoming Jealousy)

    Stepsiblings Hazel Moore and Nick go see Charlie Forde, a therapist, due to some recent issues. Hazel tends to sabotage her stepbrother’s relationships, while Nick keeps going out with girls he doesn’t care about. Dr. Charlie quickly notices some sexual tension between them. The two need to work together to overcome their toxic relationship, so […] More

  • [PervTherapy] Kiki Daire, Mazy Myers (The Cure For Obession)

    [PervTherapy] Kiki Daire, Mazy Myers (The Cure For Obession)

    Mazy Myers is obsessed with her older stepbrother Lucky and has secretly been sabotaging all his relationships. The two go to Dr. Kiki Daire’s office for therapy. The hot doctor tries a special approach to evaluate Mazy’s controlling issues. This involves touching Lucky, something that makes Mazy go mad. Yet, soon, Mazy and Kiki are […] More

  • [PervTherapy] Lilly Bell (Lilly’s Lusty Life)

    [PervTherapy] Lilly Bell (Lilly’s Lusty Life)

    Lilly Bell has a high sex drive, so not many guys can keep up with her lusty lifestyle. She finally confides her worries in perv therapist Jack, who listens intently to Lilly’s woes. Jack thinks it would be prudent to try a few things and see if he can help make some of Lilly’s sexual […] More

  • [PervTherapy] Adrianna Jade, Sia Wood (Porn is for Pleasure)

    [PervTherapy] Adrianna Jade, Sia Wood (Porn is for Pleasure)

    Adrianna Jade and Sia Wood are stepsisters who do everything together. Their Perv Therapist, Dorian, is particularly interested in their porn-watching habits. Adrianna and Sia love stepsis porn and pornos where patients get with their doctor. Dorian wants to make their fantasy a reality, so he initiates a bit of roleplaying and puts on porn […] More

  • [PervTherapy] Cecelia Taylor, Julia Robbie (A Peculiar Addiction)

    [PervTherapy] Cecelia Taylor, Julia Robbie (A Peculiar Addiction)

    Cecelia Taylor and her stepbrother Anthony go see therapist Dr. Julia Robbie who quickly learns that they’re both obsessed with anime culture and especially hentai. Dr. Robbie then does some exercises with them to loosen up and relax, her goal being to get them comfortable with each other and allow some sexual exploration. Following the […] More

  • [PervTherapy] Alyx Star (Fear No More)

    [PervTherapy] Alyx Star (Fear No More)

    Gorgeous babe Alyx Star has a deep fear of germs and it’s been affecting her day-to-day life so she goes to see Dr. Jack Vegas for some counseling. Dr. Vegas has some special exercises that will help with Alyx’s issues, starting with her removing her clothes to get her more comfortable exposing herself to germs. […] More

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