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  • [ExxxtraSmall] Venus Vixen (My Special Helper)

    [ExxxtraSmall] Venus Vixen (My Special Helper)

    It’s Sergeant Miles day off and his stepdaughter Venus Vixen is excited to spend time with him. Yet, the poor guy has too many chores to do, so Venus tries to help him out by taking some from his back. Miles is so proud of his little girl, so he watches for her as she […] More

  • [ExxxtraSmall] Mina Luxx (Barista Bang)

    [ExxxtraSmall] Mina Luxx (Barista Bang)

    It’s almost time for the grand opening of a brand new coffee shop, and employees Chris and Mina couldn’t be more excited. But things get a little unruly when Chris gets a raging boner, and Mina spills water all over her uniform. Luckily for Chris, Mina has wanted to see Chris’s massive cock for a […] More

  • [ExxxtraSmall] Laya Rae (Dirty Painting)

    [ExxxtraSmall] Laya Rae (Dirty Painting)

    Laya Rae wants to apply to an art school, but since she feels somehow insecure about her skills, she enlists the help of GI Joey, an art tutor who is famous for his unconventional art techniques. Laya is no stranger to unorthodox art herself, as she paints naked while she waits for Joey to come […] More

  • [ExxxtraSmall] Haley Spades (She’s Skipping School Today)

    [ExxxtraSmall] Haley Spades (She’s Skipping School Today)

    Haley Spades is a tiny spoiled brat who doesn’t respect her stepdad, Clarke. She doesn’t want to go to school, so Clarke has to chase her around the house and prepare her to go. This includes dressing and bathing her, something that makes them come closer…perhaps, too close! As their bond starts changing, the two […] More

  • [ExxxtraSmall] Penelope Kay (Clingy Petite Girlfriend)

    [ExxxtraSmall] Penelope Kay (Clingy Petite Girlfriend)

    Quinton recently asked his girlfriend Penelope Kay to move in with him, which made her so happy that now she can’t separate from him… literally! Sweet and small Penelope’s glued to him all day and all night. Quinton loves her, but he also needs some space for himself and will try to make her understand […] More

  • [ExxxtraSmall] Sofie Reyez (You Nailed It)

    [ExxxtraSmall] Sofie Reyez (You Nailed It)

    After months of searching for a job, Sofie Reyez finally gets an interview to become a bank teller. Her boyfriend, Gi Joey, has supported her for months and even coached her for the job interview. To her surprise, she gets the job and decides to thank her boyfriend for all the love and support he […] More

  • [ExxxtraSmall] Riley Star (All-American Party)

    [ExxxtraSmall] Riley Star (All-American Party)

    Riley Star is hosting a 4th of July party, but she spent too much time having fun at the pool that now she’s only got ten minutes to decorate. Right when she’s struggling the most, her guest Gi Joey comes to the rescue and helps her put up the remaining decorations. Riley is so grateful […] More

  • [ExxxtraSmall] Harley King (Cockworm)

    [ExxxtraSmall] Harley King (Cockworm)

    Dan wants to spend more time and have sex with his nerdy bookworm girlfriend Harley King, but she just can’t help but read one chapter after the other. To get her to pay attention to him, Dan comes up with creative ways to get Harley to drop her book and finally hang out with him […] More

  • [ExxxtraSmall] Lola Fae (Sex Ed for the Tiny Goth Gal)

    [ExxxtraSmall] Lola Fae (Sex Ed for the Tiny Goth Gal)

    When Chris, the popular school jock, has to do an assignment for their sex class with Lola Fae, the school’s freak, he soon finds out that she is not what she seems. The petite blonde is clueless about the reproductive system, so she asks Chris to help her understand it. Chris decides to teach her […] More

  • [ExxxtraSmall] Myra Moans (The Ballet Audition)

    [ExxxtraSmall] Myra Moans (The Ballet Audition)

    Myra Moans is a very good ballerina and is fighting for the Black Swan role in a play, but director Quinton tells her that she doesn’t have what it takes. After practicing at home, Myra is ready for a new audition, so she goes to Quntion’s studio for a private presentation. Quinton still isn’t sure, […] More

  • [ExxxtraSmall] Clara Trinity (Memorial Day Getaway)

    [ExxxtraSmall] Clara Trinity (Memorial Day Getaway)

    Clarke has a few days off for Memorial Day, so he decides to go on vacation for the weekend and spend some quality time with himself, reading, swimming, sleeping late, etc. His surprise is enormous when, upon arriving at the Airbnb and opening his suitcase, he discovers that his things are not there, instead, his […] More

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