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  • [InnocentHigh] Myra Moans (Wild Daydreaming)

    [InnocentHigh] Myra Moans (Wild Daydreaming)

    Myra Moans got in trouble for inappropriate daydreaming during class. When her detention hour is over and she’s all alone, she fantasizes about her teacher, Mr. Mason, finally confessing his intense feelings for her and fucking her brains out in the classroom. The daydream becomes so intense that Myra actually ends up experiencing a hot […] More

  • [InnocentHigh] Ava Davis, Mazy Myers (A Tough Lesson)

    [InnocentHigh] Ava Davis, Mazy Myers (A Tough Lesson)

    Schoolgirls Ava Davis and Mazy Myers have landed in detention with Mr. Vegas because they keep bullying each other. When Mazy says something mean to Ava, Mr. Vegas declares that Mazy will have to do anything that Ava says. When Ava tells Mazy to suck Mr. Vegas’ cock, she has no choice but to do […] More

  • [InnocentHigh] Chloe Rose (We've Got Chemistry)

    [InnocentHigh] Chloe Rose (We’ve Got Chemistry)

    Chloe Rose and Rion prep for the upcoming chemistry competition with the help of Mr. White – no, not that one. Rion is frustrated because Chloe is underqualified with her lacking scientific knowledge, but Chloe is only doing the competition so that Rion will notice her. The trio decides to take a power nap, but […] More

  • [InnocentHigh] Lulu Chu (Getting Him Involved)

    [InnocentHigh] Lulu Chu (Getting Him Involved)

    When school teacher Jack is grading some papers, he gets a surprise visit by one of his wildest students, Lulu Chu, who immediately starts making out with him. Suddenly, fellow student Tyler walks in on Jack eating out Lulu on his desk! Jack knows that if Tyler tells on them he’ll be in trouble with […] More

  • [InnocentHigh] Elle Lee (A Cock, for Reference)

    [InnocentHigh] Elle Lee (A Cock, for Reference)

    Elle Lee’s dream is to write the raunchiest erotica on the planet, but there is one problem – she’s got no experience sexually. Her teacher, Mr. Rock, feels bad for Elle, so he is willing to help her improve her craft. He lets Elle suck his cock, so she does, tenderly and slowly, feeling every […] More

  • [InnocentHigh] Mila Monet (Follow The Dress Code)

    [InnocentHigh] Mila Monet (Follow The Dress Code)

    School girl Mila Monet is in detention with Mr. Cooper for breaking the dress code and as she’s writing some lines on the blackboard she drops the chalk and bends over to pick it up. This is when Mr. Cooper notices that she’s breaking the dress code again because she’s wearing colorful panties. This is […] More

  • [InnocentHigh] Chanel Camryn (Slutty For Teacher)

    [InnocentHigh] Chanel Camryn (Slutty For Teacher)

    Naughty student Chanel Camryn gets to Mr. Vegas class early one day with the purpose of seducing him. When she climbs on top of his desk and exposes her wet pussy, she begs Mr. Vegas to teach her about orgasms. Her pleas are answered when Mr. Vegas gives into temptation and buries his tongue in […] More

  • [InnocentHigh] Reese Robbins (Found The Cheat Codes)

    [InnocentHigh] Reese Robbins (Found The Cheat Codes)

    When school girl Reese Robbins is taking her SAT test, her teacher Mr. Gunn notices that she keeps looking down at her leg, attempting to cheat. Reese denies his accusations but Mr. Gunn still checks her for cheat codes, and lo and behold, he finds them hidden under her skirt and sweater! Reese begs Mr. […] More

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