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  • [TeensLoveAnal] Maria Kazi (My First Ass Parade)

    [TeensLoveAnal] Maria Kazi (My First Ass Parade)

    Maria Kazi is a shy girl who is going to her first summer wild sex party. She is extremely nervous about it because her sexy costume includes a tail butt plug and she has never done anal in her life. Feeling very nervous, Maria asks her stepdad, Donnie, for advice. As he notices how anxious […] More

  • [TeensLoveAnal] Callie Black (Let’s Make It Anal)

    [TeensLoveAnal] Callie Black (Let’s Make It Anal)

    Callie Black and Nicky are starting to go hot and heavy, but Callie doesn’t want to give up her pussy just yet. To make matters worse, she hasn’t told her parents that she’s even seeing Nicky. But Nicky wants to take his relationship to the next level, so he suggests they try anal sex, so […] More

  • [TeensLoveAnal] Amy Quinn (April's Ass)

    [TeensLoveAnal] Amy Quinn (April’s Ass)

    After craving each other’s bodies for so long, Nicky finally moves in with his long-distance girlfriend Amy Quinn, but pretty soon things get stale between them. One morning, Amy notices that Nicky is hard, next thing she knows she’s bent over and he’s fucking her in the ass! Who knew that all they needed to […] More

  • [TeensLoveAnal] Josie Tucker (The Gift of Anal)

    [TeensLoveAnal] Josie Tucker (The Gift of Anal)

    When Josie Tucker realizes that she completely forgot about Valentine’s Day, her friend suggests she could give her boyfriend Nicky the gift of anal, so she sends her a few butt-plugs for her to warm up. Later, Nicky arrives bearing several gifts but when he finds Josie trying to put on a butt plug he’s […] More

  • [TeensLoveAnal] Hazel Moore (Chapter 15 Anal)

    [TeensLoveAnal] Hazel Moore (Chapter 15: Anal)

    Hazel Moore is very enthusiastic about her sex ed homework and is quickly trying to figure out how to put on a condom on a dildo but she’s having trouble so she calls her teacher Jack and asks if he could come over to help her out. Once they’re sitting on the couch, Hazel confesses […] More

  • [TeensLoveAnal] Samantha Reigns (Butt Plug Pleasure)

    [TeensLoveAnal] Samantha Reigns (Butt Plug Pleasure)

    Samantha Reigns is feeling horny so she starts masturbating but after a while, she realizes she’s having trouble cumming. After looking up “How to cum” online, she ends up ordering a few butt plugs! Samantha then is thrilled to lube her asshole and try out her new naughty toys. Her boyfriend Clarke gets home and […] More

  • [TeensLoveAnal] Khloe Kapri (Pink and Juicy!)

    [TeensLoveAnal] Khloe Kapri (Pink and Juicy!)

    On this exclusive episode of Dinner Table, head chef Nicky Rebel gives the inside scoop on anal stuffing. After gathering all of the ingredients, Chef Nicky puts the spotlight on the hot meat of the show: Khloe Kapri. Spread out on the table, Nicky massages Khloe and points out all of the delicious wetness between […] More

  • [TeensLoveAnal] Maya Woulfe (Christmas Cums Early)

    [TeensLoveAnal] Maya Woulfe (Christmas Cums Early)

    It’s the holiday season, and Maya Woulfe can’t wait to give her boyfriend his Christmas present early. Donnie lets Maya in, but her boyfriend, Tommy, isn’t home yet. Donnie invites Maya to wait in Tommy’s room until he gets home. While she waits for Tommy, Maya test-rides the buttplug she was going to show off. […] More

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