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  • [Vixen] Tori Black (Can You Put In A Good Word?)

    [Vixen] Tori Black (Can You Put In A Good Word?)

    Tori Black’s roommate doesn’t have enough fun. An actress who is waiting to hear about her next role, she lacks the motivation to get what she wants. So when Tori suggests sleeping with the producer to get where she wants, her friend is undecided. But Tori knows the best way to get where you want […] More

  • [Blacked] Tori Black (Limits Of Temptation)

    [Blacked] Tori Black (Limits Of Temptation)

    Tori Black has grown accustomed to getting what she wants and made sure she married a man who would give her the lifestyle she deserves. The trade-off was that she doesn’t see her husband so much and has had her fair share of loneliness, but this has all changed since he hired a new head […] More

  • [Vixen] Tori Black (Award Season)

    [Vixen] Tori Black (Award Season)

    Tori Black knew her comeback would make a splash but she didn’t expect this – she even walked away with the Best Actress statue – and now it’s time to celebrate. The Executive Producer and her co-star have been trying to seduce her all evening, and she’s loving the attention. Prior to this, she was […] More

  • Vixen - Tori Black - The Comeback

    Vixen – Tori Black – The Comeback

    Tori Black is coming back into the industry after seven years in retirement. After a long interrogation by several men and showing extreme confidence, she is accepted back into the world of adult entertainment. When she has been dropped off back home, she invites her driver inside to prove that she has definitely been worth […] More