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  • [Shoplyfter] Erica Lauren, Samantha Hayes (Case No. 5584216)

    [Shoplyfter] Erica Lauren, Samantha Hayes (Case No. 5584216)

    April 4th 2:15pm – Case # 5584216 – Suspects grandmother was called to LP office in hopes of clearing matters up. While argument occurred, grandmother herself dropped stolen merchandise from her person. Both grandmother and suspect were punished by LP officer and infraction was handled on site. Evidence logged on Apr 4, 2018. More

  • [ShopLyfter] Darcie Belle (Case No. 2377845)

    [ShopLyfter] Darcie Belle (Case No. 2377845)

    March 28th 7:12pm – Case # 2377845 – Suspect was a rich and bratty celebrity heir who claimed their father would make LP officer sorry. Upon being found guilty, instead of having this get to suspects affluent parents suspect decided to comply with LP officers instructions. Lets just say suspect recieved a mouthful. Evidence logged […] More

  • [Shoplyfter] Pepper Hart (Case No. 5587980)

    [Shoplyfter] Pepper Hart (Case No. 5587980)

    March 14th 11:36pm – Case # 5587980 – Suspect was caught stealing clothes from the establishment. It was the St. Patricks Day holiday and the garments in question were green. Suspect must have had the luck of the irish on their side because LP officer was persuaded to handle the infraction on site with no […] More

  • [Shoplyfter] Athena Rayne (Case No. 6925331)

    [Shoplyfter] Athena Rayne (Case No. 6925331)

    February 28th 7:19pm – Case # 6925331 – Suspect was given a strip search after their clothing appeared a bit suspicious. Suspect revealed several layers of hidden stolen merchandise and was stripped nude to recover every last taken item. Suspect was then humiliated by LP officer in exchange for her freedom. Evidence logged on Feb […] More

  • Shoplyfter - Isabella Nice - Case No. 4478745

    Shoplyfter – Isabella Nice – Case No. 4478745

    February 21st 1:01pm – Case # 4478745 – Suspect was apprehended on the clock under suspicion of stealing company property. CCTV footage confirmed this theft and so did a body search which turned up store merchandise. Suspect bartered with LP officer since they had a rapport. Infraction was handled without police involvement. Evidence logged on […] More

  • Shoplyfter - Summer Brooks - Case No. 3328745

    Shoplyfter – Summer Brooks – Case No. 3328745

    February 14th 12:41pm – Case # 3328745 – Suspect was attempting to use old receipts as a cover for her thievery. Price edits were also occurring by utilizing sale tickets for high priced merchandise. A final stripsearch was conducted and suspect was given a once in a lifetime opportunity to reconcile their crimes without police […] More

  • Shoplyfter - Ziggy Star - Case No. 6658985

    Shoplyfter – Ziggy Star – Case No. 6658985

    February 7th 4:09pm – Case # 6658985 – Suspect submitted to LP officers cavity search. Chief LP officer then walked on on the search which was unorthodox and not by the book. He enjoyed watching though. Chief LP officer then joined other officer in cavity search until the situation was resolved on site. Evidence logged […] More