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  • [MilfsLikeItBig] Krissy Lynn (Laying Carpet)

    [MilfsLikeItBig] Krissy Lynn (Laying Carpet)

    Krissy Lynn loves to redecorate. While mere months ago, she considered carpet of any kind incredibly tacky, Krissy’s recently had a change of heart – there’s nothing wrong with a little extra fluff here and there. While her husband isn’t entirely sold on the idea, he’s willing to put up with her interior design impulse. […] More

  • [MilfsLikeItBig] Cherie Deville (Plasster Cast)

    [MilfsLikeItBig] Cherie Deville (Plasster Cast)

    There’s no doubt about it – Cherie Deville has a fantastic ass. Cherie is such a big fan of her beautiful booty that she wants to commemorate it with a life-sized replica she can display in her house for all to see. In order to create her masterpiece, she hires young artist Jessy, who is […] More

  • [MilfsLikeItBig] Richelle Ryan (Christening The Cougar)

    [MilfsLikeItBig] Richelle Ryan (Christening The Cougar)

    Richelle Ryan’s best friend takes her out to dinner and convinces her that the only way to really celebrate your birthday is to fuck a hot young stud. The only problem is that Richelle doesn’t know any younger men! What’s an eager cougar to do? Fortunately, their waiter Justin Hunt had been particularly enthusiastic about […] More

  • [MilfsLikeItBig] Cory Chase (Stuck-Up Stepmom)

    [MilfsLikeItBig] Cory Chase (Stuck-Up Stepmom)

    Xander can’t quite shake the pressure of having his new stepmom Cory Chase around. She’s a total stickler for manners! So when he decides to chill on his day off from university, she’s on his case about every little thing around the house. He can hardly wait until she takes off for her yacht club […] More

  • [MilfsLikeItBig] Krissy Lynn (The Next Big Thing)

    [MilfsLikeItBig] Krissy Lynn (The Next Big Thing)

    After years of creating some of the world’s most exciting clothing, feisty fashion designer Krissy Lynn has found herself losing steam. It feels like ages since she’s been inspired to do something cutting-edge – she’s desperate to find that spark again. When Krissy asks Alex, her assistant, to try on one of her most famous […] More

  • [MilfsLikeItBig] Britney Amber (A Package Deal)

    [MilfsLikeItBig] Britney Amber (A Package Deal)

    It’s Britney Amber’s wedding day and everything is working out perfectly. After sealing the deal by marrying an old guy for his money, Britney is pleasantly surprised to find that her new step-son is able to offer a few things as well—his hot bod and rock hard cock. Britney plans to ride that good dick […] More