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  • [RealWifeStories] Brenna Sparks (Whoredrobe)

    [RealWifeStories] Brenna Sparks (Whoredrobe)

    Brenna Sparks hires a contractor to build an armoire, but when it arrives she’s more interested in the contractor than the finished result. Seducing the handyman, she tests the armoire’s strength when her husband gets home, hiding inside the wardrobe while Xander Corvus keeps up appearances. Will she be able to get away with sucking […] More

  • [RealWifeStories] Rebecca More (Poker Face)

    [RealWifeStories] Rebecca More (Poker Face)

    Rebecca More’s husband has a boys night every Monday, but that doesn’t stop her from changing into some sexy lingerie and attempting to lure him into bed. Pissed that her seduction techniques go unnoticed, she waltzes into the poker game close to naked, seducing her husband’s poker buddies and eventually rewarding the game winner (and […] More

  • [RealWifeStories] Mercedes Carrera, Olivia Austin (Couples Counselling)



    [RealWifeStories] Mercedes Carrera, Olivia Austin (Couples Counselling)

    Olivia Austin and Keiran are considering getting divorced. In a last ditch effort to save their marriage, they schedule a home visit their therapist Mercedes Carrera. Mercedes arrives and explains that divorce is very expensive. She asks the couple why they want to get divorced and Olivia explains that the sex is boring. Mercedes suggests […] More

  • [RealWifeStories] Isis Love (Boning Her Bodyguard)

    [RealWifeStories] Isis Love (Boning Her Bodyguard)

    Isis Love’s rich husband spares no expense when it comes to her safety. When hubby goes out of town, he hires buff bodyguard Preston Parker to ensure nobody gets into their house — and make sure his naughty wife can’t leave, either. The horny housewife decides to have some fun of her own — she’s […] More

  • [RealWifeStories] Mia Lelani (The Wife-I Password)

    [RealWifeStories] Mia Lelani (The Wife-I Password)

    Keiran just moved into the neighborhood, and without an internet connection yet, he’s really racking up the 4G. He decides he’ll just “borrow” his neighbor’s WiFi for a little while. As he’s prowling around his neighbor’s house trying to glimpse the password on the router, he gets an eyeful of something better — the Mrs. […] More