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  • [RealWifeStories] Rachel Starr (Domestic Disruption)

    [RealWifeStories] Rachel Starr (Domestic Disruption)

    Jmac and his wife are just trying to enjoy a quiet day in the backyard, but their neighbor, Rachel Starr, is constantly blasting her music! Following his wife’s orders, Jmac makes his way over to Rachel’s place where he finds this busty beauty tanning. One minute she’s asking this stud to rub her down with […] More

  • [RealWifeStories] Tia Cyrus (Tia’s Sneaky Steam)

    [RealWifeStories] Tia Cyrus (Tia’s Sneaky Steam)

    Tia Cyrus always tells her husband he works way too hard – and she’s not wrong! When he surprises her with a trip to the spa, she’s excited to spend a romantic afternoon alone with him – little does she know, her hustling husband decided to squeeze in a little business meeting with a potential […] More

  • [RealWifeStories] Jenna Foxx (Sync & Slam)

    [RealWifeStories] Jenna Foxx (Sync & Slam)

    Jenna Foxx is so hot and horny but her husband isn’t in the mood. Jenna tries to seduce him, but she’s interrupted by an uninvited guest. Her husband’s friend Isiah shows up needing a place to crash. Annoyed, Jenna makes up the guest room while her husband shows Isiah his new wireless speaker. Isiah blasts […] More

  • [RealWifeStories] Nicole Aniston (Happy Anniversary Darling)

    [RealWifeStories] Nicole Aniston (Happy Anniversary Darling)

    Nicole Aniston is a horny housewife waiting to please her husband on their anniversary. To her disappointment, he calls to tell her he’ll be working late yet again, but that he sent over a special anniversary surprise. The doorbell rings, and Nicole isn’t exactly impressed with the “special surprise”: a beautiful but ultimately unsatisfying bouquet […] More

  • [RealWifeStories] Monique Alexander (Two To Tango)

    [RealWifeStories] Monique Alexander (Two To Tango)

    Keiran just moved next door to a wholesome couple, Monique Alexander and her husband. As he’s unpacking, he pops over to their place to borrow a hammer, and that’s when he finds out Monique’s naughty little secret —she moonlights as a stripper! While her husband’s at work, this sneaky wife practices her dance routine at […] More

  • [RealWifeStories] Moriah Mills (Moriah Fucks Her Muse)

    [RealWifeStories] Moriah Mills (Moriah Fucks Her Muse)

    Romance writer Moriah Mills has hit a creative roadblock – no matter how hard she tries, she can’t seem to make progress on her latest novel. While she can’t be totally sure, she has a feeling that her non-existent sex life is to blame – her husband hasn’t fucked her in months, and masturbation just […] More

  • [RealWifeStories] Brenna Sparks (Whoredrobe)

    [RealWifeStories] Brenna Sparks (Whoredrobe)

    Brenna Sparks hires a contractor to build an armoire, but when it arrives she’s more interested in the contractor than the finished result. Seducing the handyman, she tests the armoire’s strength when her husband gets home, hiding inside the wardrobe while Xander Corvus keeps up appearances. Will she be able to get away with sucking […] More