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  • [Pure18] Victoria Gracen (Dildocycle)

    [Pure18] Victoria Gracen (Dildocycle)

    On this beautiful scorching day in Florida, Brick decided to move i to his new place. Smart, right? This genius decided to have us haul boxes underneath the blazing sun – forcing us to rest after every trip. The only break from our trouble is when 18-year-old Victoria Gracen peddles up, seeming kind of distant […] More

  • [Pure18] Lexi Lore (Sex Doll)

    [Pure18] Lexi Lore (Sex Doll)

    My friend Lexi Lore invited me over for a special project. When I showed up, I found her dressed up like a little doll! She told me that, since she turned 18, she has been working hard to fulfill all her fantasies and she needed my help for the one she was planning for today: […] More

  • [Pure18] Maddie Winters (My Piano Teacher Is A Pervert)

    [Pure18] Maddie Winters (My Piano Teacher Is A Pervert)

    All sweet, innocent brunette Maddie Winters wants is to learn some Mozart on piano, but her new teacher, Charles, has a reputation for his unconventional methods. Even though Maddie is up for the challenge, this teen doesn’t know how to react when her teacher runs his hand up her thigh and shows her the proper […] More

  • [Pure18] Chloe Foster, Riley Star (Tiny Tag Team)

    [Pure18] Chloe Foster, Riley Star (Tiny Tag Team)

    Tiny terrors Chloe Foster and Riley Star are all set to cause as much spring break mayhem as possible in their hotel. These petite blonde troublemakers can’t keep their hands off each other, getting frisky in the stairwells and flashing every time they think nobody is looking… they even get caught fingering each other by […] More

  • [Pure18] Kali Roses (Star Stroked)

    [Pure18] Kali Roses (Star Stroked)

    Cute teen groupie Kali Roses breaks into her celebrity crush Ryan Mclane’s house, hoping to come away with a souvenir, so she can claim to all her friends that she fucked a big TV star. Horny Kali finds a T-shirt hanging on a chair, and the smell gets her so excited, she starts touching herself […] More

  • [Pure18] Kat Hunter (Speech 101)

    [Pure18] Kat Hunter (Speech 101)

    University student Kat Hunter is looking for a little help for her upcoming oral presentation. One quick call to the school helpline brings over the studious tutor Kyle from some quick help in expanding her thesis. Only one problem… Kat is allowed to choose any topic she wants – and she is choosing sex! What […] More

  • Pure18 - Cleo Vixen - Use Me

    Pure18 – Cleo Vixen – Use Me

    Cleo Vixen wants to be manhandled and made to feel small and powerless. She goes to the gym and meets up with Seth Gamble for a workout. However, the horny teen doesn’t want Seth to train her, she wants to be used by him as part of his training! At first, she obediently follows his […] More

  • Pure18 - Jane Wilde - Vibrating Panties For Jane

    Pure18 – Jane Wilde – Vibrating Panties For Jane

    I went with my buddy Jmac to see his new girlfriend, Jane Wilde. The two met the night of her 18th birthday party and Jmac had a belated gift for her! When we showed up to her house, the petite blonde immediately opened her present: a pair of vibrating panties! We convinced the horny teen […] More

  • Pure 18 - Elena Gilbert - Rich Girl Learns A Lesson

    Pure 18 – Elena Gilbert – Rich Girl Learns A Lesson

    Rich teen preppy Elena Gilbert may be pretty, but she’s also pretty heartless: she turned down nerdy Tyler Steel as rudely as possible, laughing at him in front of her friends. But karma is about to teach this popular girl a lesson when she hits Tyler with her car. Too bad for her – his […] More