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  • [TeenFidelity] Devon Green (Bang or Bust #3)

    [TeenFidelity] Devon Green (Bang or Bust #3)

    Detective Dera has his eye on Devon Green as she stands next to a corner store. She’s been soliciting everyone that walks by to buy her some alcohol. When he agrees, she offers to return the favor with her young pussy. Into the back of the car she goes, and out comes the badge. Either […] More

  • [TeenFidelity] Elsa Jean (Horny Housesitting)

    [TeenFidelity] Elsa Jean (Horny Housesitting)

    Elsa Jean is hired to housesit for a few days by her parents’ friends. Unknown to her, a burglar has had his eyes on the place and was waiting for them to leave. He finds her masturbating on a couch and decides that her young pussy is the most valuable thing in the house. Making […] More

  • [TeenFidelity] Celestia Vega (Bang or Bust #2)

    [TeenFidelity] Celestia Vega (Bang or Bust #2)

    Detective Dera is up to his old tricks, picking Celestia Vega up on a minor filming-without-a-permit charge. While looking through her bag for anything he can nail her with; he finds a pair of her panties. Being a broke college student she’ll do anything to avoid the fine, even if it means swallowing every last […] More

  • [TeenFidelity] Judy Jolie (Noisy Neighbors)

    [TeenFidelity] Judy Jolie (Noisy Neighbors)

    Judy Jolie starts masturbating while left alone in the motel, but her fantasy is interrupted by the sounds of the neighbors fucking! She goes to ask them to quiet down when she discovers it’s just Jason watching porn. Looks like they just solved each other’s problem. Her young, teen pussy takes his thick, black cock […] More

  • [TeenFidelity] Lexi Lore (In The Name Of…)

    [TeenFidelity] Lexi Lore (In The Name Of…)

    Steve has been struggling with a specific form of sex addiction. The need to impregnate teen girls. When he wins a free house cleaning from a charity auction, he wasn’t expecting a hot piece of ass like Lexi to show up. When she asks if there’s anything else she can help with, a few things […] More

  • [TeenFidelity] Jill Kassidy (What A Dick)

    [TeenFidelity] Jill Kassidy (What A Dick)

    When Jill Kassidy stopped at a full-service station, she wasn’t expecting quite this level of service! Johnny messes with her engine so she’ll need his help when it won’t start, and of course, he’s willing to take that young pussy as payment for his trouble! More

  • [TeenFidelity] Carolina Sweets (Gentle Giant)

    [TeenFidelity] Carolina Sweets (Gentle Giant)

    Chester stops by the lab to drop off supplies and pick up the latest batch of pills, as well as to tell his assistant Jason to get Carolina Sweets ready to go. When Chester leaves, Carolina shows off her perky tits and tight, teen pussy hoping Jason will unchain her and help her escape. More

  • [TeenFidelity] Alex Harper (Sp3cial Friend)

    [TeenFidelity] Alex Harper (Sp3cial Friend)

    Alex Harper has been taking advantage of Dick, a lonely man with a medical condition that leaves him bound to his house. He’s bought her clothes, shoes and anything else she wanted, but it’s been a year and they’ve never met. Thinking about ending his life, a visit from Alex might be the only thing […] More

  • [TeenFidelity] Lola Fae (Only Teens)

    [TeenFidelity] Lola Fae (Only Teens)

    Lola Fae agrees to meet Ryan in an old parking lot for a quick hookup. As soon as she gets in the car her mouth is on his cock! Hungry for more Ryan takes her back to his house and she wants his dick in every one of her young holes! He gets balls deep […] More