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  • [DoctorAdventures] Tina Kay (Cock Reduction)

    [DoctorAdventures] Tina Kay (Cock Reduction)

    Danny D seeks Tina Kay’s trained medical opinion on whether or not he would be eligible for cock reduction surgery. Cock reduction is an invasive, dangerous procedure and it’s Tina’s job to assure patients they have options- and even in this case, some perks! Tina is a trained medical professional and Danny is in good […] More

  • [DoctorAdventures] Riley Reid (Throat Treatment)

    [DoctorAdventures] Riley Reid (Throat Treatment)

    Riley Reid comes into the doctor’s office complaining that her throat is sore and she’s losing her voice. Dr. Johnny Castle examines her thoroughly, and determines that it’s a case of chronic throat tightness- a common ailment that can be rectified completely with an extensive regimen of throat massage, as well as some general stress […] More

  • [DoctorAdventures] Chloe Cherry (Here For Oral Support)

    [DoctorAdventures] Chloe Cherry (Here For Oral Support)

    Chloe Cherry is recovering quite nicely, finally able to get off her crutches. What she’s really excited about is another visit with Dr. Parker. Unfortunately, her Mom decides to tag along for ‘moral support’. Chloe figures she’ll make the most of her time with the good doctor as her check-up turns into checking-out exactly what […] More

  • Doctor Adventures - Lily Adams - Nutjob Nurse

    Doctor Adventures – Lily Adams – Nutjob Nurse

    Lily Adams is completely committed to making sure her patient, Johnny Sins makes a complete recovery. She heard once that laughter is the best medicine, so she tries her best to crack him up. Unfortunately, her bad jokes seem to be doing more harm than good. Lily decides to change it up a bit – […] More