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  • [DoctorAdventures] Penny Pax (Medical Sexthics)

    [DoctorAdventures] Penny Pax (Medical Sexthics)

    Dr. Markus Dupree and his sexy nurse, Penny Pax, have a naughty secret: they’re both medical professionals and sex fiends. Unfortunately, keeping their licentious activities a secret from their patients is proving exceedingly difficult; however, when they go to check in on a patient in order to assess his vitals and monitor his IV drip, […] More

  • [DoctorAdventures] Gia Milana (She’s No Dummy!)

    [DoctorAdventures] Gia Milana (She’s No Dummy!)

    Dr. Bambino is in for a helluva surprise when he receives what he thinks is his a simple medical dummy. What he receives instead, is a very special package containing Gia Milana! Bambino can’t keep his eyes off of Gia once he’s opened her box, and can’t help but feel like she’s watching him. Gia […] More

  • [DoctorAdventures] Karmen Karma (Just Count To Three)

    [DoctorAdventures] Karmen Karma (Just Count To Three)

    Xander is a little nervous about his minor surgical procedure. However, Karmen Karma, a well-experienced doctor, assures him there is nothing to worry about. Unfortunately, for Xander, he will have to be put to sleep during the procedure. Xander takes a big breath and tries to relax as Karmen places the mask over his face. […] More

  • [DoctorAdventures] Julie Cash (Bedside Manner)

    [DoctorAdventures] Julie Cash (Bedside Manner)

    Julie Cash has been getting complaints about her bedside manner. Her patient satisfaction surveys say that she’s too focused on boring things like health and wellness and not enough on their personal titillation. Luckily, Julie has a plan for how to get her scores back up while still putting her medical school training to good […] More

  • [DoctorAdventures] Karma RX (The Spank Banker)

    [DoctorAdventures] Karma RX (The Spank Banker)

    Scott Nails always complains to his best friend about being broke, so his friend signs him up for a sperm donation site as a joke! Scott laughs and shrugs it off, but soon Karma RX, a professional “banker”, arrives at the door to collect his sample. Soon Scott realizes Karma’s prepared to collect the goods […] More

  • [DoctorAdventures] Barbie Sins (Cockupational Therapy)

    [DoctorAdventures] Barbie Sins (Cockupational Therapy)

    Sexy occupational therapist Barbie Sins is the live-in caretaker for a surly elderly woman who suffers from a temper to match her failing eyesight and hearing. After dealing with yet another torrent of abuse as she serves lunch, Barbie is left exasperated and looking for something to perk her up. When she casually texts her […] More

  • [DoctorAdventures] Olivia Austin (Nurse Olivia)

    [DoctorAdventures] Olivia Austin (Nurse Olivia)

    Nobody likes a visit to the hospital… unless they’re being treated by a nurse as sexy as Olivia Austin! After spotting patient JMac’s big, hard dick, Olivia decides to give him some extra special attention, tending to all of his needs and then some, even though his wife is waiting for him right outside the […] More