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  • [TeensLikeItBig] Alina Lopez (Rude Awakening)

    [TeensLikeItBig] Alina Lopez (Rude Awakening)

    Alina Lopez never realized how big her new stepdad’s cock is, but she got an eyeful of it getting him out of bed! Keiran Lee loves his wife, but his new stepdaughter is a horny little slut and when she starts slobbering all over his big dick – he goes with it! Alina works her […] More

  • [TeensLikeItBig] Kenzie Reeves (Selfies With The Dean)

    [TeensLikeItBig] Kenzie Reeves (Selfies With The Dean)

    Kenzie Reeves grades aren’t doing so hot and there’s a good chance she’ll be losing her scholarship! Dean Kyle Mason has seen this before, hot blonde students thinking they can get away with anything. When he starts scrolling through her phone and sees pictures of Kenzie slobbering all over the football coaches’ cock, he knows […] More

  • [TeensLikeItBig] Anny Aurora (Virgin Birthday)

    [TeensLikeItBig] Anny Aurora (Virgin Birthday)

    Anny Aurora’s 18th birthday was supposed to be a special day for her and her boyfriend to finally fuck, but he forgot to buy condoms. But while he’s out looking for protection, this fit blonde is making moves on his stepdad, Keiran Lee! Keiran walking in on his stepson’s girlfriend playing with her wet pussy […] More

  • [TeensLikeItBig] Aspen Rose (Our Valedick-Torian)

    [TeensLikeItBig] Aspen Rose (Our Valedick-Torian)

    Despite her brains, Aspen Rose is unsure she’s going to be valedictorian for high school grad. Now that she’s eighteen, she’s going to take matters into her own hands. She shows up to Principal Sins’ office to prove her dedication to him — even if it means giving him a teasing glimpse of her teen […] More