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  • [DarkX] Riley Star (Accidentally On Purpose)

    [DarkX] Riley Star (Accidentally On Purpose)

    Stunning Riley Star cannot control herself when it comes to her landscaper Isiah Maxwell. She wants him badly! She comes up with a plan to seduce him by throwing herself in the pool and having him ‘save her life’. The only way to repay him is to give him her tight wet pussy. She needs […] More

  • [DarkX] Valentina Nappi (My Personal Trainer)

    [DarkX] Valentina Nappi (My Personal Trainer)

    Beautiful bored and rich housewife, Valentina Nappi, loves to tease and flirt with her personal trainer Rob Piper. During a workout session Rob is trying to be serious, while Valentina cannot contain herself. She wants him badly! He can no longer control himself, giving in to seduction. She devours him with some organic hot sex! More

  • [DarkX] Haley Reed (Art Of Seduction)

    [DarkX] Haley Reed (Art Of Seduction)

    Haley Reed has a thing for older men, and has had her eyes on her dad’s business partner, Sean Michaels. One day she gets a chance to get him all alone in her house, and she literally jumps at the opportunity, shamelessly seducing the older man with her tight, succulent teenage body. More

  • [DarkX] Lena Paul (Scientific Method)

    [DarkX] Lena Paul (Scientific Method)

    Lena Paul’s friend keeps insisting that anal sex can give her an orgasm, but Lena isn’t having any of it. That is until her husband, Jason Brown, talks her into at least giving it a try just to see, you know, scientifically, if it can get her off. And well, she’s suddenly introduced to another […] More

  • [DarkX] Bridgette B (Rub Down)

    [DarkX] Bridgette B (Rub Down)

    Famous blogger and yoga guru, Bridgette B had a rough day and is in dire need of a massage therapist. And she knows just the person to fix her aching muscles, a close friend with benefits of hers, Jason Brown. His strong hands and ripped physique are just what she needs, and his bulging black […] More

  • [DarkX] Maya Kendrick (Fuck My Girlfriend Please)

    [DarkX] Maya Kendrick (Fuck My Girlfriend Please)

    Having discovered that her boyfriend Rob Piper once had a three-way sexual encounter that included an infamous double penetration, Maya Kendrick decides that she needs to experience one as well. They convince a mutual friend Jason Brown to help her out. And while at first he’s a bit confused, he quickly lends a helping hand […] More

  • [DarkX] Ember Snow (The Direct Approach)

    [DarkX] Ember Snow (The Direct Approach)

    At first, Isiah Maxwell thinks his new step-daughter Ember Snow is pissed at him and her mother but eventually realizes he has it all wrong. After giving her some ‘fatherly’ advice, she finally confesses her desire for him, and he swiftly succumbs to her feminine charm. More

  • [DarkX] Victoria Voxxx (Cultural Differences)

    [DarkX] Victoria Voxxx (Cultural Differences)

    A foreign exchange student who’s staying at Ricky Johnson’s house doesn’t seem to have the same inhibitions that he possesses. While trying to convince Victoria Voxxx that nudity and masturbating in public maybe isn’t the greatest idea, he finally gets her indoors. Suddenly the sexual attention is directed at him, and his big, hard black […] More