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  • [StrandedTeens] Elle Rose (Tits For Transit)

    [StrandedTeens] Elle Rose (Tits For Transit)

    Elle Rose is stranded on the side of the road in a foreign country and can’t speak the language. She needs to get to her hotel and isn’t afraid to order random strangers to help her out. When Elle pulls out her perky tits, it’s almost like routine… She uses her amazing tight body to […] More

  • [StrandedTeens] Anne Amari (Driving Test Dummy)

    [StrandedTeens] Anne Amari (Driving Test Dummy)

    Anne Amari is trying her best in driving school, but she’s honestly a terror on the road. This curvy ebony goddess comes to a screeching halt for nearby birds, texts and drives, and is just not as observant as she should be! But when you’re this pretty and young, I guess you need some flaws. […] More

  • [StrandedTeens] Izzy Lush (Stranded In My Feelings)

    [StrandedTeens] Izzy Lush (Stranded In My Feelings)

    Izzy Lush is having her boyfriend help her film the latest social trend – well, a couple months late, but she’s enthusiastic – dancing next to a moving car. To turn it up a notch, Izzy proposed stripping down and showing off some skin to attract more views. Sounds like it would work. Adding sex […] More

  • [StrandedTeens] Xeena Mae (Girl On Treetop)

    [StrandedTeens] Xeena Mae (Girl On Treetop)

    Xeena Mae got stuck up in a tree, but lucky for her Alex Legend biked over to see her brother. He’s not around right now, so this slutty, little redhead takes Alex into the house, slobbers all over his huge cock and the slides him in for an afternoon of pounding pussy! More

  • [StrandedTeens] Mi Ha Doan (Snag And Bang)

    [StrandedTeens] Mi Ha Doan (Snag And Bang)

    Mi Ha Doan finds a pretty hot hunter out on a nature walk and decides she’s gonna trick him into fucking her tight pussy! After pretending to get caught in one of his traps, this tiny babe spreads her juicy ass wide, and fills her pussy with his big dick. More

  • [StrandedTeens] Eliza Ibarra (Getaway Driver)

    [StrandedTeens] Eliza Ibarra (Getaway Driver)

    Eliza Ibarra just robbed a bank and jumped into the first car she saw, only thing is he’s not her getaway driver! So she’ll have to whip her perky, little tits out, back her pussy up on some stranger’s big dick, and take a load all over her pretty face if she wants to get […] More