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  • [StrandedTeens] Lexi Aaane (Rescue Wood)

    [StrandedTeens] Lexi Aaane (Rescue Wood)

    Out bird watching and I happen to stumble on the most interesting bird I’ve ever seen. She has some really nice breasts and and some great drumsticks to match. Turns out that her name is Lexi Aane and she needed some help because her bicycle got a flat tire. I’ve never helped a damsel in […] More

  • [StrandedTeens] Alex Coal (Into The Wood)

    [StrandedTeens] Alex Coal (Into The Wood)

    Tony Rubino pulls over his truck to take a piss but then hears a girl in the distance shouting for attention. Tony approaches and sees Alex Coal tied to a tree. At first he thinks that she is a damsel in distress but soon finds out that Alex has her own horny selfish needs. Alex […] More

  • [StrandedTeens] Abby Adams (Van Life Benefits)

    [StrandedTeens] Abby Adams (Van Life Benefits)

    If you’ve made the choice to live in a bus or a van, there are some hidden benefits you might not think of… Mainly, when you come upon an eager teen on the side of the road, you have a convenient place to fuck! Nothing like the bubbly and flirtatious Abby Adams looking to break […] More

  • [StrandedTeens] Vina Sky (Stranded Sky)

    [StrandedTeens] Vina Sky (Stranded Sky)

    As I was driving through the mall’s parking lot, I couldn’t help but notice this petite teen who was looking a little lost. I slowed down to ask if she needed any help. Her name was Vina Sky and she thought her boyfriend might have taken off on her! Vina came into my car to […] More

  • [StrandedTeens] Brooke Karter (Banging Brooke)

    [StrandedTeens] Brooke Karter (Banging Brooke)

    I was driving in my truck, minding my own business, going out for a drive to get away from my demanding wife and to clear my head from the stress of our marriage. That’s when, out of nowhere, this blonde bombshell jumped in front of my truck waving her arms and yelling at me to […] More

  • [StrandedTeens] Serena Santos (Call The Cocksmith)

    [StrandedTeens] Serena Santos (Call The Cocksmith)

    Gorgeous and curvy Latina Serena Santos has locked herself out… Completely naked! She calls up a locksmith who can’t help but stare at her smoking hot body – round ass with a hint of tan lines, perky squishy tits, dark hair, and bright smile… This is lust at first sight, and nobody can blame this […] More