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    [NubileFilms] Cherry Kiss, Darcia Lee (Champagne Kisses)

    Cherry Kiss and Darcia Lee are totally into each other, but to complete their passion they may need a man’s touch. Choky Ice tries to be that man, but Cherry pushes him away. Instead, he drinks Champaign and watches as the girls peel each other’s clothes off. They wait until they’re down to their underwear […] More

  • [NubileFilms] Arteya, Aria Logan (Teasing The Clit)

    [NubileFilms] Arteya, Aria Logan (Teasing The Clit)

    Arteya and Aria Logan walk home hand in hand, but Arteya can’t wait until they’ve reached the privacy of their place before she gets her clit fondled. Lifting her dress outdoors, Arteya presents herself so that Aria can play with her clit with a vibrator. Then she walks around behind Aria and slides her hand […] More

  • [NubileFilms] Cindy Shine (All For Lust)

    [NubileFilms] Cindy Shine (All For Lust)

    It’s 2:00 and Cindy Shine and her flame Dan have decided to meet up for a bit of afternoon delight. Cindy pulls Dan close to give him a deep kiss, then relocates to the couch once she’s assured that he’s as ready to go as she is. Dan starts his exploration of Cindy’s body by […] More

  • [NubileFilms] Kennedy Kressler (Ready To Please)

    [NubileFilms] Kennedy Kressler (Ready To Please)

    Kennedy Kessler has a surprise for her beau Brad Sterling. She goes to into the bathroom and peels off her clothes down to her underwear. Then she pulls out a sexy maid outfit that she’s been saving for a special occasion. After she slips into the lingerie, she gives herself one last look in the […] More

  • [NubileFilms] Amaris (She Cums First)

    [NubileFilms] Amaris (She Cums First)

    Max Dior has enlisted his girlfriend Amaris to help him paint his bedroom. The upside of Amaris being right there is that she’s easy on the eyes and easily accessible whenever Max needs a break. This hair-trigger hottie is always ready to let her boyfriend peel off her shirt and fill his hands with her […] More

  • [NubileFilms] Katy Rose (Rebellious Love)

    [NubileFilms] Katy Rose (Rebellious Love)

    Katy Rose isn’t supposed to be seeing Nick Ross, but this stunner knows how to make her meetings seem like a coincidence. They catch the elevator on separate floors, then get caught in a make out session that keeps them from winding up on the correct floor the first time. When they finally exit the […] More

  • [Nubiles-Porn] Britney Amber (How I Seduced A Robber)

    [Nubiles-Porn] Britney Amber (How I Seduced A Robber)

    Busty babe Britney Amber recalls the story of how she seduced a robber through her ingenuity. She was sleeping in bed wearing jammie bottoms and a bra, and though she was frightened she grabbed a bat and went to see what was happening. She found Tony Martinez with her tv in his arms! Brandishing her […] More

  • [NubileFilms] Whitney Wright (All I Want Is You)

    [NubileFilms] Whitney Wright (All I Want Is You)

    When Ryan Driller wakes up and sees a note from Whitney Wright on his pillow, he can’t hold back his smile. Obedient to a fault, he gets up and goes to the living room to find Whitney waiting beneath the mistletoe clad in just a sexy Christmas lingerie getup. Whitney greets Ryan with a deep […] More