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  • [MikesApartment] Canela Skin (Sloppy Squirting Squatter)

    [MikesApartment] Canela Skin (Sloppy Squirting Squatter)

    Canela Skin is tired of her boyfriend Nacho always yelling at her to clean the house, so she decides to take her revenge with a very special all-purpose cleaning solution. For the dirty dishes? Squirt! For the dirty toilet? Squirt! And for the glass dining table? A whole lot of squirt! Nacho doesn’t think it’s […] More

  • [MikesApartment] Mary Rock (Slutty Mary)

    [MikesApartment] Mary Rock (Slutty Mary)

    Young Russian couple Nikolas and Mary Rock arrive at Mike’s Apartment excited for three fun days of shopping, sightseeing, and partying in Budapest, but the price of the apartment is a bit of a bummer! When landlord JJ finds out that stunning brunette Mary is a very flexible dancer and gymnast, he immediately offers her […] More

  • [MikesApartment] Sicilia (Hows It Hanging)

    [MikesApartment] Sicilia (Hows It Hanging)

    Antonio Ross is frustrated to yet again hear his upstairs neighbor banging away with a hammer. He hurries upstairs to give them a piece of his mind, but is surprised to see a sexy teen named Sicilia who needs help hanging a framed picture. She drags him inside, and climbs up the ladder to try […] More

  • [MikesApartment] Carolina Abril (Sticky Fingers)

    [MikesApartment] Carolina Abril (Sticky Fingers)

    I had heard rumors about Carolina Abril before I let her move in – that things tend to go missing when she’s around, that she’s a pampered, entitled princess who breaks every rule in the book because men have been letting her get away with it her whole life – but what’s a guy going […] More

  • [MikesApartment] Ellen Betsy (Paying Rent With A Sex Tape)

    [MikesApartment] Ellen Betsy (Paying Rent With A Sex Tape)

    We at RK know today’s millennials face financial challenges unique to their generation. Student loan debts are deep, good jobs are hard to come across, and many employers are looking to exploit young people for their honest work. Lucky for them, our man JJ has a heart of gold and sweet spot for twenty-something travelers […] More

  • [MikesApartment] Alyssia Kent (Fucking The Squatter)

    [MikesApartment] Alyssia Kent (Fucking The Squatter)

    Alyssia Kent can’t keep it together. She’s out of work, running low on funds, and has dropped out of contact with friends and family. But she’s also a terrible renter. She’s months behind on payments, is loud all hours of the night, and has even damaged a few items within the building… To be honest, […] More