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  • [MonsterCurves] Luna Star (Locked Out Hottie)

    [MonsterCurves] Luna Star (Locked Out Hottie)

    Blonde Luna Star struts up to her neighbor Van’s door to ask if she can use his phone. She’s locked out of her house and needs to call her boyfriend. Van offers Luna some water while she waits, and the thirsty babe gets so overexcited she spills it all over her big tits! This hot […] More

  • [MonsterCurves] Valentina Nappi (Lipstick Slut)

    [MonsterCurves] Valentina Nappi (Lipstick Slut)

    Slutty Valentina Nappi is dressed for trouble. This vixen strips off her satin trench coat to reveal nothing but black strappy lingerie…and a shiny gem-tipped butt plug in her big ass! As she applies a coat of bright red lipstick to her pout and twerks her hot booty, Valentina gets so horny that she needs […] More

  • [MonsterCurves] Daisy Stone (Fresh Ass Daisy)

    [MonsterCurves] Daisy Stone (Fresh Ass Daisy)

    Big-booty blonde Daisy Stone is in the middle of her stretching routine when she looks up to find her roommate’s boyfriend Tyler jacking off to her scrumptious ass! At first she’s shocked, but his cock is so big and tempting that it doesn’t take long before Daisy is dropping to her knees to give it […] More

  • [MonsterCurves] Wet Kitty (Soaking Wet Kitty)

    [MonsterCurves] Kitty Caprice (Soaking Wet Kitty)

    Hot Latina Kitty Caprice is keeping cool despite the summer heat in a tiny bathing suit as Tyler sprays her curvy body with a watergun! She jiggles her tits and twerks her big round booty to give him a moving target, but soon he’s out of ammo. His dick is more than ready to take […] More

  • [MonsterCurves] Kayla Kaden (My Night With Kayla)

    [MonsterCurves] Kayla Kayden (My Night With Kayla)

    Tanned blonde Kayla Kayden is getting all dolled up, not because she’s going out, but because she’s staying in with Jessy Jones, and she wants to feel his big cock all over her body: in her throat, between her big tits, and, of course, in her tight little pussy. Kayla loves this big cock so […] More

  • [MonsterCurves] Luna Star (Follow Me)

    [MonsterCurves] Luna Star (Follow Me)

    Some women are so compelling that you’d run after them to the ends of the earth, and with her long blonde hair, big tits, and tight body, Luna Star is definitely one of them. After putting on a mesmerizing show in her bedroom just for you, Luna Star beckons you with the crook of a […] More

  • [MonsterCurves] Brandi Bae (Sexercise Slut)

    [MonsterCurves] Brandi Bae (Sexercise Slut)

    Sexy blonde gym bunny Brandi Bae knows how to work up a sweat: first, she warms up in her sports bra and yoga leggings, stretching and opening her tight spots, then she mounts the stability ball to tone up her core. But Brandi is no lazybones in the gym: she makes sure her pussy gets […] More

  • [MonsterCurves] Valentina Nappi (Valentinas Anal Paradise)

    [MonsterCurves] Valentina Nappi (Valentinas Anal Paradise)

    Big-titted brunette Valentina Nappi doesn’t need a stage and a pole to work the luscious curves she was given – she bumps and grinds in the sunshine, building up a sexy sweat. This Italian pawg shakes her thick ass by the pool, looking like hedonism incarnate. It doesn’t take long before observer Lucas Frost is […] More

  • [MonsterCurves] Cali Carter (Bodacious Boxer)

    [MonsterCurves] Cali Carter (Bodacious Boxer)

    Word to your moms, Cali Carter came to drop bombs. Everything came together today – the lighting, the atmosphere, the music, the passion… The body! You’ve seen Cali in other scenes, but never like this. Feast your eyes on this visual spectacle as Reality Kings follows – and enhances – Ms. Carter’s stretching and strenuous […] More