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  • [SneakySex] Abby Adams (Pound Her Drums)

    [SneakySex] Abby Adams (Pound Her Drums)

    Abby Adams has a sort of post-grunge post-rock look going on, but not quite traversing into nu-metal territory. She’s interested in learning an instrument, so her mom decided to hire music professor Chad White to teach her some percussion – drums! While Chad looks… Nerdy, to say the least, he has some real fucking chops […] More

  • [SneakySex] Megan Marx (Pulling Off A Swap)

    [SneakySex] Megan Marx (Pulling Off A Swap)

    Megan Marx is coming home to visit after her first semester in college. What first catches her eye is the imposing Seth Gamble, her sister’s boyfriend… And boy has she missed sucking his cock and being a dirty little homewrecker! She begs and pleads – come on, Seth, just the tip? All Is not lost […] More

  • [SneakySex] Kiara Cole (Idle Hands Dirty Thoughts)

    [SneakySex] Kiara Cole (Idle Hands Dirty Thoughts)

    Kiara Cole is a pretty princess. She’s not the kind of girl that does chores. Taking out trash? Washing dishes? Not with these fucking nails, bitch. Those fingers are better spent texting boys… Teasing them… Inviting them over… But once they’re there, there’s not much to do. Can’t swim, can’t party, can’t even watch TV. […] More

  • [SneakySex] Kyler Quinn (Thin Walls Thick Cock)

    [SneakySex] Kyler Quinn (Thin Walls Thick Cock)

    Coming home after a long vacation is a special kind of blissful. You’re back in your safe space, ready to relax. Even though things didn’t quite turn out the way you wanted – no great vacay lay – it’s still a relief. But then to add insult to injury, you hear your roommate getting railed […] More

  • [SneakySex] Serena Santos (Semen Seamstress)

    [SneakySex] Serena Santos (Semen Seamstress)

    It’s time to buy a suit for Duncan’s upcoming wedding and he goes in with his fiancee to see seamstress Serena Santos. It’s clear that his wife to be, cares more about herself than his wishes, so Serena boldy makes a move on Duncan. While his fiancee has her back turned, the seductive Serena takes […] More

  • [SneakySex] Kimmy Granger (Not Another Study Break)

    [SneakySex] Kimmy Granger (Not Another Study Break)

    Kimmy Granger is sprawled out on the living room floor, surrounded by textbooks as she crams for her college exams. Kimmy is looking to take a break from her boring books, so when her new stepbrother Seth Gamble comes home from soccer practice and gets ready to go take a shower, the curious Kimmy decides […] More

  • [SneakySex] Nicole Rey (Snuck And Cuck)

    [SneakySex] Nicole Rey (Snuck And Cuck)

    Derrick Ferrari and his cameraman have shown up in secret to Nicole Rey’s house, to film a scene while her boyfriend is out of the house! This curvy, crazy cutie can’t wait to slobber all over Derrick’s big hard dick, so she jumps past the preliminaries and gets straight to cock-worship! But her boyfriend gets […] More

  • [SneakySex] Anya Olsen (That Is One Awesome Tip)

    [SneakySex] Anya Olsen (That Is One Awesome Tip)

    Cute teen Anya Olsen is out for a bite to eat with some of her girlfriends. They’re just finishing up their meal when suddenly Anya’s friends all whip out their cellphones and start filming her! The reason being is that Anya had mentioned to them how she found the waiter to be hot, so her […] More