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  • [Submissived] Kandie Monaee (Unicorn Porn)

    [Submissived] Kandie Monaee (Unicorn Porn)

    Sometimes, the sweeter and more innocent a girl looks, the nastier they are once you strip them bare. That is the story with Kandi Monaee. She comes down the stairs looking super cute and petite in her pink stockings and unicorn necklace, ready to get some fat cock stuffed into her tight ebony cunt. This […] More

  • [Submissived] Sofie Reyez (Dominant Dinner Plans)

    [Submissived] Sofie Reyez (Dominant Dinner Plans)

    Sofie Reyez understands what a big favor our stud is doing her by letting her live at his place, so she is more than willing to meet his needs when he lays them out for her. From here on out, he is going to fuck her whenever he wants, wherever he wants. They shake on […] More

  • [Submissived] Stevie Grey (Condiment Cum Up)

    [Submissived] Stevie Grey (Condiment Cum Up)

    Stevie Grey is an obedient babe who knows exactly how to please her boyfriend. So, when she accidentally puts too much mustard on her mans sandwich, she knows what she has to do to make it up to him. She crawls over on her hands and knees and explains her mistake. He slaps her immediately, […] More

  • [Submissived] Lola Chanel (Kink In Her Pink)

    [Submissived] Lola Chanel (Kink In Her Pink)

    Lola Chanel has always been a fan of Fifty Shades of Grey, but her one complaint was that it was not hardcore enough. She likes the kinky foreplay and the bondage, but she wants to see it all. You know, some P in the V action! So, when she gets the chance to get kinky […] More

  • [Submissived] Scarlett Bloom (Sex With Her Ex)

    [Submissived] Scarlett Bloom (Sex With Her Ex)

    When Scarlett Bloom shows up at her ex boyfriends house, she is ready to cause trouble. The first question she asks is if his girlfriend is home. When he says no, she makes her way to his bathroom without speaking another word. There, she changes into some purple, see through lingerie. Clearly she is ready […] More

  • [Submissived] Mazzy Grace (A Submissive Star Is Born)

    [Submissived] Mazzy Grace (A Submissive Star Is Born)

    Mazzy Grace knows exactly what she is interviewing for today. She wants to be the next girl to be featured on Submissive Teens. But before she gets the chance to fuck on cam, she has to answer a few questions. Like, why should she be chosen over all the other girls who want this amazing […] More

  • [Submissived] Rharri Rhound (A Warm Welcum Bone)

    [Submissived] Rharri Rhound (A Warm Welcum Bone)

    Rharri Rhound is happy to finally get home after a long trip. She is even happier when she finds a cute note written by her man. It lets her know that he cleaned up the house for her. She is so pleased by this, that she plans a surprise for her man while he takes […] More

  • [Submissived] Ember Snow (Fifty Shades Of Asian Play)

    [Submissived] Ember Snow (Fifty Shades Of Asian Play)

    Ember Snow has been searching for a while. She has always wanted to meet someone that could give her a crash course in becoming a submissive slut. And she is so happy that she has finally found someone! This guy tells her to wait for him at his house and blindfold herself and sit in […] More