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  • [Shoplyfter] Adira Allure (Case No. 3428210)

    [Shoplyfter] Adira Allure (Case No. 3428210)

    Case #3428210 – March 27th, 3:16 PM. Suspect is a young, white adolescent female with blonde hair. She has been reported stealing with a partner who has managed to escape. Upon interrogation, partner is discovered to be her boyfriend. The Loss Prevention Officer attempts to get the suspect to turn on her partner in order […] More

  • [Shoplyfter] Cleo Clementine (Case No. 4532668)

    [Shoplyfter] Cleo Clementine (Case No. 4532668)

    Case #4532668 – March 20th, 7:23 PM. Suspect is a young, white adolescent female. Items have been reported missing, but they cannot be found. She is escorted to the back office and interrogated. After a strip search, the items are found in the suspects pants. To retrieve stolen goods, security guard uses discretionary tactics. The […] More

  • [Shoplyfter] Alex More (Case No. 4958302)

    [Shoplyfter] Alex More (Case No. 4958302)

    Case #4958302 – March 6th, 5:45 PM. Suspect is a dark-haired, white adolescent female. She has been detained after using dash and grab theft techniques. She attempts to run through the store and stuff her bag with merchandise, but the Loss Prevention Officer is able to stop her and escort her to the backroom for […] More

  • [Shoplyfter] Allie Nicole (Case No. 2120778)

    [Shoplyfter] Allie Nicole (Case No. 2120778)

    Case #2120778 – February 27th, 10:43 PM. Suspect is a blonde adolescent female. She is caught by our Loss Prevention Officer attempting to break into the store after hours. She claims that she was trying to enter in order to use the bathroom. Cameras reveal that she has a key to the backdoor. Advanced interrogation […] More

  • [Shoplyfter] Naomi Nash (Case No. 9031586)

    [Shoplyfter] Naomi Nash (Case No. 9031586)

    Case #9031586. February 20th, 7:43 PM. Suspect is a blonde adolescent female of average height. She has several piercings and some tattoos. Loss Prevention Officer reports observing her stealing on premises. He informs her of the crimes that she is suspected of, but she claims that he is mistaken. She attempts to convince him that […] More

  • [Shoplyfter] Skylar Snow (Case No. 78000214)

    [Shoplyfter] Skylar Snow (Case No. 78000214)

    Case #78000214. February 13th, 5:24 PM. Suspect is a brunette, adolescent female. She is observed shoplifting items, but the Loss Prevention Officer has difficulty retrieving them. The suspect appears uncomfortable, with a shifty demeanor. After some more intense probing, the officer discovers the suspect hiding stolen goods in her pants. Proper measures are taken to […] More

  • [Shoplyfter] Aubree Ice (Case No. 15284351)

    [Shoplyfter] Aubree Ice (Case No. 15284351)

    Case #15284351 – February 6th, 2:42 PM. Suspect is an adolescent, Asian female. She has been observed shoplifting on store premises and is detained for interrogation by the Loss Prevention Officer. He discovers boxes of stolen condoms in her personal bag, leading him to question her further. The Officer then uses his own discretion in […] More

  • [Shoplyfter] Emily Right (Case No. 4207854)

    [Shoplyfter] Emily Right (Case No. 4207854)

    Case #4207854 – January 30th, 4:45 PM. Suspect is an adolescent female with bleach dyed hair. She is wearing a floral dress and has a combative demeanor upon escort to the backroom. The Loss Prevention Officer informs her that she has been observed stealing, and must submit to an inspection using a metal detector. He […] More

  • [Shoplyfter] Kenzi Ryans (Case No. 9830023)

    [Shoplyfter] Kenzi Ryans (Case No. 9830023)

    Case #9830023 – January 23rd, 11:32 AM. Suspect is a white adolescent female with dark hair. She is of midlevel height and has a defensive demeanor. When questioned about her activities in the store, she denies any wrongdoing, claiming all accusations are false and should not be considered by local law enforcement. In order to […] More