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  • [Shoplyfter] Emily Right (Case No. 4207854)

    [Shoplyfter] Emily Right (Case No. 4207854)

    Case #4207854 – January 30th, 4:45 PM. Suspect is an adolescent female with bleach dyed hair. She is wearing a floral dress and has a combative demeanor upon escort to the backroom. The Loss Prevention Officer informs her that she has been observed stealing, and must submit to an inspection using a metal detector. He […] More

  • [Shoplyfter] Kenzi Ryans (Case No. 9830023)

    [Shoplyfter] Kenzi Ryans (Case No. 9830023)

    Case #9830023 – January 23rd, 11:32 AM. Suspect is a white adolescent female with dark hair. She is of midlevel height and has a defensive demeanor. When questioned about her activities in the store, she denies any wrongdoing, claiming all accusations are false and should not be considered by local law enforcement. In order to […] More

  • [Shoplyfter] Athena Rayne (Case No. 1122187)

    [Shoplyfter] Athena Rayne (Case No. 1122187)

    January 16, 4:38 PM. Case #1122187 – Suspect is a blonde, adolescent female. She has been caught stealing small, low priced items from the storefront. As the value of stolen merchandise does not exceed twenty dollars, standard catch and release protocol is followed. However, while in custody, the suspect attempts to steal the Loss Prevention […] More

  • [Shoplyfter] Aryana Amatista (Case No. 9364759)

    [Shoplyfter] Aryana Amatista (Case No. 9364759)

    January 9, 3:47 PM. Case #9364759 – Suspect is an adolescent Latina female with dark hair. She is an employee of the store and is suspected of helping her friends steal goods. The manager of the store accuses her in the loss prevention office, and then disciplinary actions are taken. The rest of this case […] More

  • [Shoplyfter] Kasey Miller (Case No. 8394758)

    [Shoplyfter] Kasey Miller (Case No. 8394758)

    January 2nd, 2018, 4:43 PM. Case #8394758 – Suspect is a blonde adolescent female who has been observed concealing items on her person during New Year’s store reorganization. The Loss Prevention Officer detains the suspect and escorts her to the backroom. While there, the suspect claims to have no knowledge of alleged theft. The officer […] More

  • [Shoplyfter] Harmony Wonder, Elle Voneva (Case No. 6395862)

    [Shoplyfter] Harmony Wonder, Elle Voneva (Case No. 6395862)

    December 26th, 6:03 PM. Case #6395862 – Suspects are two adolescent females who are participating in the Christmas promotion at the store. The two perps are suspected of shoplifting items that are on sale for the holidays. The Loss Prevention Officer observed them while operating undercover as Santa Claus. After a thorough search, special holiday […] More

  • [Shoplyfter] Jaycee Starr (Case No. 25875148)

    [Shoplyfter] Jaycee Starr (Case No. 25875148)

    December 19, 8:22 AM. Case #3478546 – Suspect is an adolescent female. She is observed shoplifting on premises and is escorted to the backroom by loss prevention officer. After a short round of interrogation, the suspect appears to have a seizure. The loss prevention officer follows health protocol and contacts medical services. Upon returning to […] More

  • [Shoplyfter] Chanel Grey (Case No. 3054201)

    [Shoplyfter] Chanel Grey (Case No. 3054201)

    December 12th, 9:32 AM. Case #3054201 – Suspect is a blonde adolescent of midlevel height. Identifying features include blue eyes and a fit body type. Suspect has been apprehended while attempting to leave the store premises without paying for goods. The suspect does not appear receptive to questioning at first, but responds to a second […] More

  • [Shoplyfter] Emma Hix (Case No. 5764784)

    [Shoplyfter] Emma Hix (Case No. 5764784)

    December 5th, 11:32 AM. Case #5764784 – Suspect is a blonde woman who was observed stealing goods and hiding them on her person. After being escorted to the Loss Prevention Office, the suspect has a contentious demeanor and refuses to cooperate with officer protocol. After using a metal detector to retrieve the stolen goods, the […] More