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  • [Shoplyfter] Sophia Leone (Case No. 6969696)

    [Shoplyfter] Sophia Leone (Case No. 6969696)

    November 28th, 10:23 AM Case #6969696 – Suspect is an adolescent Latina female with dark hair. Perp is suspected of having hidden multiple items from the cash wrap in her personal bag. Upon returning to the backroom, loss prevention officer encounters the suspect consuming stolen candy. Search reveals that the suspect has stolen multiple pieces. […] More

  • [Shoplyfter] Scarlett Mae (Case No. 3140112)

    [Shoplyfter] Scarlett Mae (Case No. 3140112)

    November 21st, 5:13pm Case # 3140112 – Suspect is a white, adolescent female with light complexion and red hair. She has been monitored stealing goods during the holiday sale season. Loss prevention officer escorts her to the backroom after suspect makes an attempt to steal a television. Paperwork is processed, but advanced interrogation techniques are […] More

  • [Shoplyfter] Violet Rain (Case No. 6485994)

    [Shoplyfter] Violet Rain (Case No. 6485994)

    November 14, 2:23 PM. Case #6485994 – Adolescent, white female is escorted to loss prevention office after being suspected of shoplifting in store. Officer has her take a seat while he retrieves proper paperwork. Upon returning, officer encounters suspect making phone calls to a third party. Suspect appears to be soliciting help for escape. Suspect […] More

  • [Shoplyfter] Demi Sutra, Lala Ivey (Case No. 5004280)

    [Shoplyfter] Demi Sutra, Lala Ivey (Case No. 5004280)

    November 7, 2018, 5:33pm. Case #5004280 – Two black adolescents females are suspected of shoplifting on store premises. Loss prevention officer secures one suspect, and then goes back out for the second. Second suspect manages to get into loss prevention office and tries to free the first suspect. Officer stops escape attempt, and informs suspects […] More

  • [Shoplyfter] Scarlett Bloom (Case No. 1022193)

    [Shoplyfter] Scarlett Bloom (Case No. 1022193)

    October 31, 2:46pm Case #1022193 – Adolescent black female suspected of theft is brought back to loss prevention office. Once in the office, she attempts to escape, and officer is forced to tie suspects hands to chair before proceeding to inspect her bag. Inside he finds several stolen items. Suspect denies any knowledge of said […] More

  • [Shoplyfter] Aften Opal (Case No. 0851993)

    [Shoplyfter] Aften Opal (Case No. 0851993)

    October 17th, 3:27 pm, Case # 0851993 – Young, white adolescent teen suspected of theft violently resists apprehension by loss prevention officer. Loss prevention officer is forced to tie suspects wrists to chair in order to ensure safety. Suspect is informed that she has been caught on camera stealing an elder customers purse. Suspect initially […] More

  • [Shoplyfter] Izzy Lush (Case No. 0921993)

    [Shoplyfter] Izzy Lush (Case No. 0921993)

    October 10th, 6:43 pm, Case # 0921993 – White, adolescent female is suspected to have stolen goods from the adult section of the store. Method used is classic dressing room theft. Loss prevention officers claims she walked into dressing room with merchandise and left with nothing. Suspect denies claims, but upon further interrogation, changes her […] More

  • [Shoplyfter] Emma Starletto (Case No. 9356944)

    [Shoplyfter] Emma Starletto (Case No. 9356944)

    October 3rd, 5:00 pm, Case # 9356944 – Multiple suspects taken into custody. Two white adolescents, one male, one female, suspected of stealing property and performing sexual acts on store property. Estimated worth of stolen jewelry comes in at 10,000 dollars. Loss prevention officer proceeds to question female suspect while male suspect looks on. The […] More

  • [Shoplyfter] Kitty Carrera (Case No. 5378008)

    [Shoplyfter] Kitty Carrera (Case No. 5378008)

    September 26th, 1:00 pm, Case # 5378008 – Teenage, latina suspect is taken to loss prevention office and informed that her theft has been caught on camera. Suspect denies any knowledge of said theft. Suspect is then informed that a strip search will have to be performed in order to verify video recorded by the […] More