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  • [TeenPies] Melody Parker (Bipartisan Bonage)

    [TeenPies] Melody Parker (Bipartisan Bonage)

    In our day and age, the political climate is fraught and everybody is picking sides. But when there is pussy involved, things become bipartisan. Today, our stud reaches across the aisle to make sure Melody Parker gets all the American beef she can handle. He finds out that she is a big pro lifer, so […] More

  • [TeenPies] Scarlett Snow (Sugar Daddy Insemination)

    [TeenPies] Scarlett Snow (Sugar Daddy Insemination)

    Scarlett Snow always knew she would be taken care of in her life. Whether it is her own wealthy background, or the fact that she is a gorgeous, long haired, blue eyed ginger, somebody will always be paying the bills. But now she is reflecting and realizing that she needs to grow up. She is […] More

  • [TeenPies] April Aniston (Clandestine Creampies)

    [TeenPies] April Aniston (Clandestine Creampies)

    April Aniston is making excuses as to why she can’t hang out with her boyfriend this weekend. She says it is because her parents are in town, but really it is because she is inviting our stud over to her place so that he can fuck her silly. When he shows up, she reminds him […] More

  • [TeenPies] Lala Ivey (Immigration Insemination)

    [TeenPies] Lala Ivey (Immigration Insemination)

    It can be scary to be in a foreign country, especially when you are going through the formative years of adolescence. That is the situation Lala Ivey has found herself in after moving to the US to study. Lucky for her, the family who has taken her in is an extremely caring bunch. Our stud, […] More

  • [TeenPies] Avery Moon (A Quiet Fuck)

    [TeenPies] Avery Moon (A Quiet Fuck)

    Avery Moon and her man are scared. All the lights are out and they are sneaking around in the dark, trying to find a safe, quiet place to get their freak on. They find their way into the house, and try not to make a sound so that their assailants will not attack them. Our […] More

  • [TeenPies] Xeena Mae (National Nut Day)

    [TeenPies] Xeena Mae (National Nut Day)

    Xeena Mae comes home to our stud with some good news, it is national nut day! Of course, as soon as he hears nut, his mind races somewhere that does not involve delicious salty snacks. But Xeena whips out the nuts anyway and feeds a couple to him. Unfortunately, he has forgotten that he has […] More

  • [TeenPies] Natalie Brooks (Only Fools Wrap Their Tools)

    [TeenPies] Natalie Brooks (Only Fools Wrap Their Tools)

    Natalie Brooks likes to let her dates know right away what is going to happen when she gets back to their houses. In this case, even though this stud was a gentleman and sheltered her from the rain with his umbrella, she wants him to know that she is not trying to do anything sexual. […] More

  • [TeenPies] Maya Kendrick (The Fast And The Curious)

    [TeenPies] Maya Kendrick (The Fast And The Curious)

    Reckless driving is dangerous, kids! Take it from Maya Kendrick, who almost just got run over by this studs careless cruising. Thankfully, she has not been injured, only a little excited. Just listen to that gasp as she almost gets hit. Is it just me, or did it sound… sexual? When our stud gets out […] More