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  • [TheRealWorkout] Davina Davis (One More Rep)

    [TheRealWorkout] Davina Davis (One More Rep)

    Davina Davis is one of those girls you look once, twice, three times at when you pass her in the street. Her body is slamming, so it is no wonder she works out so much. Today, she is doing some squats in a sexy little blue outfit when our stud shows up to shower her […] More

  • [TheRealWorkout] Jade Kush (Fucks Deluxe)

    [TheRealWorkout] Jade Kush (Fucks Deluxe)

    Jade Kush is one of the most requested fitness gurus around, and when our stud finally gets to spend an hour with her, he can see why. Her hot Asian body provides all the motivation a guy could ever ask for. But when he inquires about the rumored deluxe package Jade offers, things take a […] More

  • [TheRealWorkout] Lala Ivey (Yoga Mat Muff)

    [TheRealWorkout] Lala Ivey (Yoga Mat Muff)

    Lala Ivey‘s curves can barely be contained in a tight white one piece. She wants you to watch as she does her daily workout, stretching out on a yoga mat and showing off her tight and bodacious ebony ass. She even lets our stud film her as she bends over for him. She gets oiled […] More

  • [TheRealWorkout] Violet Rain (P90Sex)

    [TheRealWorkout] Violet Rain (P90Sex)

    Violet Rain is a fit cutie who knows the importance of keeping her tight, young bod in shape. So, when she hits the gym, she hits it hard. Our stud, on the other hand, is a lollygagger. He does a set, looks at his phone, and then daydreams for a little before getting back to […] More

  • [TheRealWorkout] Paige Owens (Cardio Hoe)

    [TheRealWorkout] Paige Owens (Cardio Hoe)

    Paige Owens is a standout girl, there is no question about it. Watching her body move in those enticing stretch positions is a true joy. She is toned and fit and sexy as hell, and she knows it. Just look at that big smile on her face while she shows off her bod! She finishes […] More

  • [TheRealWorkout] Zoey Monroe (Keep My Pussy Hydrated)

    [TheRealWorkout] Zoey Monroe (Keep My Pussy Hydrated)

    Zoey Monroe loves to workout and it shows. Here she is doing her floor routine and working up a sweat. Literally. She works out so hard she sweats right through the crotch of her tight, light gray spandex. When her trainer finds her, he rubs his hand against her musty pelvis, relishing her scent before […] More