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  • [TeenFidelity] Lenna Lux (Childhood Crush)

    [TeenFidelity] Lenna Lux (Childhood Crush)

    Lenna Lux has had a crush on Quinton for years since her family moved in next door. Now that she’s legal, and her body has blossomed into full womanhood, it’s time to fulfill her dreams. Quinton is taken aback at first, but when she tells him that she’s finally legal, all concern is thrown to […] More

  • [TeenFidelity] Ava Parker (Split Screen Teens)

    [TeenFidelity] Ava Parker (Split Screen Teens)

    Little Ava Parker’s got herself in a whole heap of trouble, flaunting her cute teen ass and flirting with her neighbor while her parents aren’t home. Ryan can’t take it anymore, she’s more than willing, but just in case he gags and binds her legs just to make sure. Turns out she wasn’t just teasing, […] More

  • [TeenFidelity] Lily Rader (Knock Me Up Part 1)

    [TeenFidelity] Lily Rader (Knock Me Up Part 1)

    Lily Rader knows that in this economy college debt and the hopes of landing a decent paying job just isn’t going to cut it. She has a pussy and womb and knows that people will pay good money to use it! A fit, healthy young girl like her would make the perfect baby if she […] More

  • [TeenFidelity] Angel Emily (Paris Bound)

    [TeenFidelity] Angel Emily (Paris Bound)

    It’s Paris or bust for Angel Emily! Backpacking through Europe can be tough, you never know who might pick you up. When Mike is nice enough to not only offer her a ride but to come back to his place to wash up and rest, she’s thrilled! After getting a look at her tight body, […] More

  • [TeenFidelity] Kiley Jay (Reluctant)

    [TeenFidelity] Kiley Jay (Reluctant)

    Kiley Jay showed up to the house not knowing what to expect. Ryan lets her know what’s up as soon as she’s in the door, she’s reluctant at first but then she’s deep throating his cock! It doesn’t take much convincing to have her spreading her pussy open for his fat dick and begging him […] More

  • [TeenFidelity] Vanna Bardot (Classy)

    [TeenFidelity] Vanna Bardot (Classy)

    Vanna Bardot is still in braces, but that doesn’t keep her from deepthroating rock hard cocks! This little redhead’s full of fiery passion, taking Ryan’s dick like a pro! He spreads her open right on his desk, filling her tiny pussy with a thick load of cum! More

  • [TeenFidelity] Jade Kush (Tainted Jewels)

    [TeenFidelity] Jade Kush (Tainted Jewels)

    Alex has stolen a valuable necklace, but before he can fence it, Jade shows up to steal it for herself. Catching Alex right out of the shower, he tells her to get on her knees and suck his big cock. With the jewels framed by her big natural tits, she gets to work on his […] More

  • [TeenFidelity] Zoe Clark (Direct To Your Room)

    [TeenFidelity] Zoe Clark (Direct To Your Room)

    Zoe Clark is a new young call-girl at the agency, and she’s not used to getting customers that look like Chad. He’s incredibly handsome and in good shape. Not only that but he wants to please her just as much as she pleases him. She provides her services excellently until Chad blows his load all […] More

  • [TeenFidelity] Hannah Hays (Ho Away From Home)

    [TeenFidelity] Hannah Hays (Ho Away From Home)

    Danny is away from his family on a business trip, but what’s business without a little bit of pleasure? Hannah Hays has fallen for his lies and only wants to make him happy, thinking he loves her. She shows him how much she needs him, opening up her holes for his thick cock and taking […] More