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  • [Vixen] Lena Anderson (I Want It All)

    [Vixen] Lena Anderson (I Want It All)

    Lena Anderson is a spoiled brat. She lives with her mom and has no plans to leave anytime soon. She loves her lifestyle. Recently, a hot guy moved into the guest house to help with her mom’s finances. She’s attracted to him but treats him badly (like a spoiled girl would do). One day when […] More

  • [Vixen] Mia Melano (Wild Side)

    [Vixen] Mia Melano (Wild Side)

    She was always the sweet innocent girl, smart, popular, from a rich family and she just moved to the city by herself for school. She’s excited to be on her own and shes away from everyone she used to know. she finally feels free to redefine herself however she wants and she’s tired of the […] More

  • [Vixen] Jia Lissa (Passion For Fashion)

    [Vixen] Jia Lissa (Passion For Fashion)

    Jia Lissa is an aspiring young designer fresh out of design school willing to do whatever it takes to get ahead in the industry. She goes to meet a small but successful clothing brand with some of her designs and leaves an impression on the owner. He invites her to his condo to discuss things […] More

  • [Vixen] Naomi Swann (A Good Houseguest)

    [Vixen] Naomi Swann (A Good Houseguest)

    Naomi Swann is living with her older sister, Catherine and her live-in boyfriend, brad, for a few months while she is waiting for her dorm room to be ready. Things are going well at first… That is until Naomi starts to develop feelings for brad. After using his computer and getting an insight into his […] More

  • [Vixen] Evelyn Claire, Jade Nile (Only Has Eyes For Us)

    [Vixen] Evelyn Claire, Jade Nile (Only Has Eyes For Us)

    Evelyn Claire’s roommate Jade Nile always has a new man on the scene, and her latest mate is certainly not happy with what Jade wants to do – namely involve other people in their relationship. That is, until he meets Evelyn. She doesn’t really know why she goes along with these games, but Jade has […] More