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  • [Vixen] Tiffany Tatum (Exhibitionist)

    [Vixen] Tiffany Tatum (Exhibitionist)

    For a long time, Tiffany Tatum couldn’t understand why girls dated older men. That was until now. After meeting her latest man on a trip to Europe, she has become just like him – an exhibitionist, and it doesn’t matter where they may be – if he wants her, he takes her. It is the […] More

  • [Vixen] Tori Black, Adriana Chechik (After Dark Part 2)

    [Vixen] Tori Black, Adriana Chechik (After Dark Part 2)

    Tori Black believes you can narrow down every decision you make to two options – and you simply take the decision that takes you the furthest – and she takes her decisions further than the rest. When Tori plays the game she likes to win. This time is no different – those who approach a […] More

  • [Vixen] Tori Black (After Dark Part 1)

    [Vixen] Tori Black (After Dark Part 1)

    Tori Black is about to serve a sentence for conspiracy to defraud the US government. But her outlook is to take what you can and gain experience as much as possible. Money, power and sex are the most important things. She’s ready to play the game, and the men are the bad guys. She is […] More

  • [Vixen] Brett Rossi (Wild Thing)

    [Vixen] Brett Rossi (Wild Thing)

    There is only one way to beat the heat for Brett Rossi and that is to face it head on. She has never been one to hide her feelings, and if she wants something, she takes it. Unfortunately, her husband doesn’t share her mantra, always keeping how he feels to himself and showing his insecurities. […] More

  • [Vixen] Mia Malkova, Lily Love (Testing My Limits)

    [Vixen] Mia Malkova, Lily Love (Testing My Limits)

    Lily Love has always taken pride in the level of professionalism she has. As a celebrity assistant, she is always under pressure but has never given in. But working for her latest boss, her limits are being tested to the max. When he asks her to arrange him some entertainment in the shape of a […] More

  • [Vixen] Tori Black, Little Caprice (Sugar Daddy Sharing)

    [Vixen] Tori Black, Little Caprice (Sugar Daddy Sharing)

    Little Caprice’s sugar daddy has made a ton of money and now he is free to enjoy himself doing exactly what he wants – namely spending time with and spoiling beautiful girls. They have a game they like to play – each of them finding the perfect woman to share, and each one being more […] More

  • [Vixen] Jia Lissa (Seduced By A Local)

    [Vixen] Jia Lissa (Seduced By A Local)

    Jia Lissa has always wanted to travel the world and has now flown to Mykonos all alone. She was a little worried about it at first, but now she has met a hot European stranger who has put her mind at rest. After he takes her to see the sights and treats her like a […] More

  • [Vixen] Athena Palomino (Sparring Partner)

    [Vixen] Athena Palomino (Sparring Partner)

    Athena Palomino is a production assistant for a photographer. She’s an optimist and always looks on the bright side of things. When she is left alone with an MMA fighter she has been crushing on, she takes advantage of the situation. More

  • [Vixen] Emily Willis (Something Special)

    [Vixen] Emily Willis (Something Special)

    After Emily Willis is let down by her boyfriend who was meant to be attending her sister’s wedding with her, she doesn’t expect that she will have a good time. However, everything changes when she is joined by a hot guy who is there alone too. Looks like her boyfriend’s loss is his gain, and […] More