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  • [Vixen] Scarlett Bloom, Kira Noir (Graduation)

    [Vixen] Scarlett Bloom, Kira Noir (Graduation)

    It’s graduation time and Kira Noir and Scarlett Bloom are looking to celebrate in a big way. With his parents gone for graduation weekend, Oliver decides to have a little extra fun at his house. Fortunately, Kira Noir and Scarlett Bloom are on the same page and they just happen to find each other. More

  • [Vixen] Gabbie Carter (Take A Chance)

    [Vixen] Gabbie Carter (Take A Chance)

    Gabbie Carter knows that fantasies should stay just that – fantasies. But she has the chance to realise one of her own. When her BFF’s parents divorced and she moved to LA, Gabbie has missed her – but on a visit to see her she has the opportunity to seduce one of her biggest crushes […] More

  • [Vixen] Kyler Quinn (Grateful)

    [Vixen] Kyler Quinn (Grateful)

    Kyler Quinn is a student living with a real-estate mogul. In exchange for her living at his house for free, all she has to do is some light housekeeping and help him with some day-to-day stuff. He’s never around though, and she barely has to work. Ironically, because she’s attracted to him, she’s rather he […] More

  • [Vixen] Dana Wolf (Sex With A Stranger)

    [Vixen] Dana Wolf (Sex With A Stranger)

    Dana Wolf is in LA for a few days for a job interview. After she’s done, she reflects on a fantasy she’s always held – sex with a stranger. When she sees someone from her building playing pool by himself in the courtyard, she decides to join him with a singular intention. More

  • [Vixen] Angelika Grays (Choices)

    [Vixen] Angelika Grays (Choices)

    Alberto is a bartender in Ibiza. One night, Angelika Grays and he messed around a bit but stopped because she’s married. After seeing him in town one day, the lust comes back. When her husband is distracted, she goes to him and they run off to his villa and have sex. More

  • [Vixen] Ellie Eilish (Treat Me Right)

    [Vixen] Ellie Eilish (Treat Me Right)

    Billie is a small-town girl going to college in la. In her first year, she met an older man while she was waiting tables at a high-end restaurant and they’ve been together ever since. While he takes care of her financially, that’s not her main attraction to him – she loves his experience. Her bigger […] More