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  • [HijabHookup] Aubry Babcock (Every Girl Fantasizes)

    [HijabHookup] Aubry Babcock (Every Girl Fantasizes)

    Aubry Babcock, a Hijab-wearing schoolgirl, has a deep crush on her American best friend Nicky. To try to get close to him, she helps him with math lessons, hoping he will eventually notice her. One day, after a tutoring session, Nicky accidentally leaves his cell phone behind, so Aubry takes the opportunity to masturbate with […] More

  • [HijabHookup] Mila Marie (The Girl Under The Hijab)

    [HijabHookup] Mila Marie (The Girl Under The Hijab)

    Mila Marie and Rion have been going out for some time now, and Rion is obsessed with what’s under Mila’s hijab. She explains to him that she’s not allowed to remove it until she’s in a fully committed relationship. Rion understands her but also wants to go all the way with his new girlfriend. Mila […] More

  • [HijabHookup] Violet Gems (Mardi… What)

    [HijabHookup] Violet Gems (Mardi… What?)

    Violet Gems boyfriend Nicky insists on celebrating Mardi Gras so they dress up and decorate the house. Violet asks about the beads and Nicky says she has to earn them by flashing her titties! Violet is unsure at first but she follows Nicky’s instructions and gets herself a good amount of beads before she learns […] More

  • [HijabHookup] Freya Kennedy (Not Like A Carrot At All)

    [HijabHookup] Freya Kennedy (Not Like A Carrot At All)

    Freya Kennedy is adapting to her new life with her stepfamily, but her conservative lifestyle is spilling into her current life – especially when making friends. Freya lies about her sexual experience and correlates a penis to a carrot. This doesn’t go over well, and Freya feels embarrassed by her lack of knowledge. Her step-uncle, […] More

  • [HijabHookup] Babi Star (Boyfriend Trouble)

    [HijabHookup] Babi Star (Boyfriend Trouble)

    Nicky is dating middle-eastern cutie Babi Star but since she’s not allowed to have sex because of her culture, Nicky decides to break up with her. Babi is bummed and tells Nicky that maybe she can let him feel her and touch her a little. This is awesome but Nicky needs more so Babi suggests […] More

  • [HijabHookup] Babi Star (What I Really Want for Christmas)

    [HijabHookup] Babi Star (What I Really Want for Christmas)

    It’s Christmas time, and all Peter wants for the holidays is some pussy. His girlfriend, Babi Star, isn’t sure she’s ready because of her culture, but she feels the urges too and reaches a point where she can’t fight off the temptation. Peter is gentle with her at first and eats her pussy on the […] More

  • [HijabHookup] Lily Starfire (You Silly American)

    [HijabHookup] Lily Starfire (You Silly American)

    Donnie tries explaining to Lily Starfire, the gorgeous hijab-wearing lady, what “No Nut November” is. She thinks it’s another silly American tradition, but she is curious about how it works. As Donnie starts stimulating her tight pussy, Lily comes close to orgasm, starting to understand the whole concept. Later on, Donnie takes his chance for […] More

  • [HijabHookup] Babi Star (Late To The Party)

    [HijabHookup] Babi Star (Late To The Party)

    Donnie visits his new co-worker, hijab-wearing babe Babi Star, and offers to help her get acclimated to her new job. Babi knows that she’s shy so she trusts Donnie to help her be more comfortable being social. Turns out in America “being more social” means learning how to suck dick! More

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