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  • [TeenPies] Laya Rae (Laya to the Rescue)

    [TeenPies] Laya Rae (Laya to the Rescue)

    Laya Rae is a loving teen babe and only wants to protect her father. When the family learns Laya’s dad might be let go from his job, they plan an elegant dinner for his boss, Peter. The plan is to sway Peter’s decision. However, Peter arrives early, and only Laya is there to keep him […] More

  • [TeenPies] Violet Spice (Too Straight for my Ex)

    [TeenPies] Violet Spice (Too Straight for my Ex)

    Violet Spice just broke up with her girlfriend and came to his friend Nicky’s house to see if she could talk to someone. Turns out the girlfriend left her because she thought Violet wasn’t feminine enough and she might not even a lesbian at all. Seeking revenge, Violet decides to use Nicky to send pictures […] More

  • [TeenPies] Tina Star (Anniversary Makeup Sex)

    [TeenPies] Tina Star (Anniversary Makeup Sex)

    Nicky was very excited to celebrate his fifth anniversary of dating Tina Star, his gorgeous black girlfriend. However, Tina completely forgot the date and didn’t put much effort into the diner to celebrate the occasion. Now, Nicky’s sad and feels like maybe she doesn’t really love him as much as he loves her. To remedy […] More

  • [TeenPies] Malina Melendez (The Alcumist)

    [TeenPies] Malina Melendez (The Alcumist)

    Since all her boyfriends have been jerks, Malina Melendez, fed up with her love life, decides to do a black magic ritual to attract a good man with whom she can fall in love. To achieve this, she needs the semen of an exemplary man, so she decides to recruit her former school teacher, Peter. […] More

  • [TeenPies] Sofie Reyez (Pie Delivery)

    [TeenPies] Sofie Reyez (Pie Delivery)

    Delivery girl Sofie Reyez delivers her last package of the day to her boyfriend’s big brother Nicky, and when he invites her in to pay her she reveals who she is. Next thing he knows, Sofie is telling him that his little brother is not fertile but she really wants to get pregnant so maybe […] More

  • [TeenPies] Keira Heart (Marriage Can Wait)

    [TeenPies] Keira Heart (Marriage Can Wait)

    Keira Heart and her boyfriend Joshua are two young Christians saving themselves until marriage. But one day, they confess to each other having some very passionate sex dreams and think it’s time to move their relationship forward. They feel nervous, but their minds are made up, so the couple has a romantic first time together, […] More

  • [TeenPies] Addis Fouche (Cumming of Age)

    [TeenPies] Addis Fouche (Cumming of Age)

    Addis Fouche has been talking to Peter online for the past few months. When they agree to meet at Peter’s house, he discovers that he’s actually been talking to his best friend’s daughter. Peter’s first instinct is to call Addis’s dad, but Addis reminds Peter that she could just as easily tell his wife everything, […] More

  • [TeenPies] Olivia Madison (Creamed in Socks)

    [TeenPies] Olivia Madison (Creamed in Socks)

    Olivia Madison has a sex ed exam coming up so she goes to her stepbrother Rion and asks him to explain sex to her. Rion goes deep with his explanation which only confuses Olivia more so she asks if she could teach her by doing. Rion is unsure at first but he can’t deny his […] More

  • [TeenPies] Mickey Violet (I Wanna Be Your Side Chick)

    [TeenPies] Mickey Violet (I Wanna Be Your Side Chick)

    After petite hottie Mickey Violet overhears that her stepdad Brad is making some serious money, she does everything in her power to make him happy. After Mickey invades his shower, Brad wonders what’s going on with her new behavior and decides to confront her about it. Mickey confesses that she hear about the big deal […] More

  • [TeenPies] Amy Quinn (A Creamy Nightmare)

    [TeenPies] Amy Quinn (A Creamy Nightmare)

    Peter notices that his girlfriend Amy Quinn is upset so he asks her what’s wrong. Turns out she knows he had a dream about his ex and now she’s worried that he’s not really over her. Peter assures her that she’s the only one on his mind and to prove this to her he agrees […] More

  • [TeenPies] Haley Spades (Cheerleader Dreams Come True)

    [TeenPies] Haley Spades (Cheerleader Dreams Come True?)

    Haley Spades is getting kicked out of her cheerleading team unless she gets her grades up. Desperate, she recruits Alex, an awkward guy who has had a crush on her forever. Alex tries tutoring Haley but gets distracted by her amazing cheerleader body. He finally snaps, confessing her love to her. Shockingly enough, Haley responds […] More

  • [TeenPies] Chloe Temple (Let's Watch Together)

    [TeenPies] Chloe Temple (Let’s Watch Together)

    Juan wants to use the laptop to watch Team Skeet’s hit series, Sis Swap, but his stepsister, Chloe Temple, yoinks the computer away from him. When Chloe sees her stepbrother is watching fauxcest porn, she’s mortified, but once she gets into it, she realizes it’s actually kind of hot. Juan walks in on Chloe rubbing […] More

  • [TeenPies] Crystal Chase (Roomie Wants My Cum)

    [TeenPies] Crystal Chase (Roomie Wants My Cum)

    When Oliver hears a big commotion coming from the kitchen he finds his roommate Crystal Chase trying to cook while pissed off. Turns out her ex got another girl pregnant and now she’s furiously looking for a way to get revenge. Oliver confesses that the girl is his ex so Crystal gets an idea, maybe […] More

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