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  • [BadMilfs] Alexis Malone, Ava Davis (The Secrets of Pleasure)38:26

    [BadMilfs] Alexis Malone, Ava Davis (The Secrets of Pleasure)

    Ava Davis is nervous about having sex with her boyfriend Anthony. She tries taking it slow by sucking his cock, but their first attempt doesn’t go well and Anthony leaves. Alexis Malone, Ava’s stepmom, sees the whole thing from the door and decides to help her stepdaughter out. The experienced blonde knows that Ava needs […] More

  • [FreeuseMilf] Cassie Del Isla, Ava Davis (Freeuse Store)

    [FreeuseMilf] Cassie Del Isla, Ava Davis (Freeuse Store)

    Cassie Del Isla owns a very chic store with all kinds of cool outfits and stuff for free-spirited people. There’s just one catch: she doesn’t do cash or credit, she prefers freeusing. Eric visits the place and gets a lovely present for his stepdaughter Ava Davis. The girl is so happy with her gift that […] More

  • [SisSwap] Paris White, Ava Davis (Fuckfest Club)

    [SisSwap] Paris White, Ava Davis (Fuckfest Club)

    Both preppy and rebel siblings get detention when their teacher, Mr. Daniel, catches Paris White and her stepbrother Nade cheating off Ava Davis and Nick during standardized testing. After their teacher gives them a speech about how much trouble they’re in, he takes their phones and locks them in the detention classroom while he runs […] More

  • [InnocentHigh] Ava Davis, Mazy Myers (A Tough Lesson)

    [InnocentHigh] Ava Davis, Mazy Myers (A Tough Lesson)

    Schoolgirls Ava Davis and Mazy Myers have landed in detention with Mr. Vegas because they keep bullying each other. When Mazy says something mean to Ava, Mr. Vegas declares that Mazy will have to do anything that Ava says. When Ava tells Mazy to suck Mr. Vegas’ cock, she has no choice but to do […] More

  • [BadMILFS] Alex Harper, Ava Davis (Yes Coach)

    [BadMILFS] Alex Harper, Ava Davis (Yes Coach)

    Alex Harper has her eye on the price and that’s a baseball scholarship for her stepson Tyler so she becomes his coach and makes sure to train him hard. Alex even meets with Tyler’s girlfriend Ava Davis to make sure that she’s pleasing her stepson properly! Tyler ends up having a threesome with his stepmom […] More

  • [SisSwap] Venice Rose, Ava Davis (Mardi Gras Swap)

    [SisSwap] Venice Rose, Ava Davis (Mardi Gras Swap)

    Ava Davis and Venice Rose went hard during Mardi Gras and flashed enough guys to earn themselves a ton of beads. But their stepbrothers, Elias and Nick, took the heat for their stepsisters sneaking out. Now, Elias and Nick want Ava and Venice to make it up to them, so they steal the girls’ beads […] More

  • [PervDoctor] Ava Davis (The Horny Sneezer)

    [PervDoctor] Ava Davis (The Horny Sneezer)

    Ava Davis can’t stop sneezing, so she seeks a consult from nurse Hadley and doctor Mike Mancini. The sneezes all started when Avan and her boyfriend broke up. Since then, the sniffles have been nonstop. Mike explains there are two options – she can try some allergy meds or increase the amount of sex she’s […] More