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  • [PervPrincipal] Spencer Scott (The Principals Terms)30:27

    [PervPrincipal] Spencer Scott (The Principals Terms)

    Spencer Scott visits her son’s principal after an urgent call. It seems that Spencer’s son has been secretly stealing money from the PTA, an expulsion-worthy offense, something the proud mother just can’t allow. Principal Rebel was about to spend some solo quality time with a nice porn vid, but he had to call it off […] More

  • [PervPrincipal] Kira Fox (Do It For Her)40:11

    [PervPrincipal] Kira Fox (Do It For Her)

    Kira Fox gets called into Principal Green’s office because of a recent incident with her daughter. It seems she took things too far this time with her pranks when she brought Nair to school and put it in a girl’s hair. Now, all the parents at school are mad, and Mr. Green is threatening to […] More

  • [PervPrincipal] Quinn Waters (Expulsion is not an Option)38:20

    [PervPrincipal] Quinn Waters (Expulsion is not an Option)

    Quinn Waters daughter has been struggling with her grades. With the threat of summer school looming over her head, she decided to sneak into her teacher’s classroom after school, log into the computer, and change her grades. Unfortunately, they have her on tape breaking into her teacher’s office and she’ll have to face the consequences. […] More

  • [PervPrincipal] Tiffani Madison (Off the Record)37:15

    [PervPrincipal] Tiffani Madison (Off the Record)

    Tiffani Madison’s son is generally the one getting picked on, but this time around, he is the source of a serious issue. Principal Rebel is willing to help Tiffani and make the situation disappear, but only if she’s willing to do something for him, too. Tiffani accepts, and like a good parent, she gets right […] More

  • [PervPrincipal] Wendy Raine (Raine to the Rescue)41:29

    [PervPrincipal] Wendy Raine (Raine to the Rescue)

    Wendy Raine gets a call from Principal Miles, and things are not looking so good at the school. Apparently, Wendy’s son has been causing trouble and could face severe consequences for his tomfoolery. Wendy is willing to go to any length to save her son, and it seems the length this time around is probably […] More

  • [PervPrincipal] Kat Marie (Aced It)39:42

    [PervPrincipal] Kat Marie (Aced It)

    Kat Marie, a successful, smart, and ambitious lawyer, is called to Principal Miles office because of her daughters behavior issues. The girl is a star tennis player with an attitude problem, and she recently went into an argument with her coach that ended terribly. At the risk of losing her scholarship, Kat would pull out […] More

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